You know you have a dedicated husband when…he asks you if you need feminine hygiene pads with or without wings

I met my husband when he was 39 years old. He had NEVER been married, never lived with a woman and based on what I could tell from the scraps of memories he had from a testosterone filled childhood growing up with two brothers– he knew very little about the feminine persuasion. In fact, I’d venture to say he knew NOTHING- ok wait I take that back- during his residency he did a round in OB/GYN so he kinda had some idea of what happens down there”, but other than that.. the man was kind of clueless. Did I mention when I first visited his apartment- he had carpet on the walls and carpeted furniture? Well you know as soon as I moved in there- the carpet– MOVED out!

You know you have a dedicated husband when...he asks you if you need feminine hygiene pads with or without wings

Fast forward so many years together and he has officially become a most dedicated husband- intimately versed in all things feminine and wifely! So how do you know if your man has been properly husbandized? Here are my top five ways to confirm your husband is dedicated to you:

#1 When he brings you coffee to which he’s already added a small cup of creamer, three sugars and a sprinkle of cinnamon. MY husband is a drink it black or with just a drop of milk kind of coffee guy– but if he’s bringing me a cup he knows how to “Melissacize it”.. something only a dedicated husband could/ should /would do for their wife.

#2 He lets you put your freezing toes on his to keep warm. WE live in a 100 year old house with little to no insulation. It is ALWAYS freezing even in the summertime. But my “dedicated husband” no matter how warm and toasty he is- will forgo his own comfort to warm up my freezing toes, or any other body part. Wait is that dedicated, or smart thinking on his part…hmmm

#3 He sits with you as you are getting your head lit up like Medusa’s full of blonde highlighted foils and keeps you company (as he reads aloud to you from Us Weekly about Lindsay Lohan’s latest brush with the law) and doesn’t say a word when you hand him the $350 bill.

#4 Will watch films like Pride and Prejudice with you ( even though you’ve seen it together a dozen times) and lets you ooh and ahh about Mr. Darcy. Pre meeting you he never watched a period film in his life.

#5 He knows how to brush and braid your daughter’s hair (or at least he’s willing to try). Yes my husband, while not all that good at creating a braid, has and continues to try to do his best.

And of course the biggest one of all.. he is intimately aware of the intricacies of your menstrual cycles and if you need him to pick up a pack of feminine hygiene products never forgets to ask you if you’d like the ones with or without wings and overnight or regular?

So husbands and wives… any that I’ve missed?


  1. says

    #1 – Check. With hot chocolate instead of cinnamon. 🙂
    #2 – Check.
    #3 – Check. He actually does my hair for me, lol.
    #4 – Check.
    #5 – Check. And homeschools her while I work. :0
    Last but not least – Check. He makes sure they are the unscented kind, because he’s a registered nurse, and probably knows more about my body than I do. YIKES!
    He never fails to stop what he is doing to give me a quick hug and a kiss when I need one. Sometimes all I have to do is get near him, and I get a hug and kiss.

  2. Finn says

    Well he sounds like a good guy! I can relate to him in a lot of ways. We also have a common factor, I only had brothers growing up. I was clueless as to the “World of Women,” so when I got serious with my wife, I wanted to know EVERYTHING about it, and it has fascinated me ever since! Ha ha! I think it was all so foreign to me that I wanted to know to satisfy my curiosity, and delve into the psyche of my wife so I’d better understand what makes her tick.

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