You find a receipt for condoms in your car trunk- what is the first thing you do?

I have to admit it my husband is sloppy. He’s not calculating, he doesn’t know how to lie or hide things from me, which is why I rarely feel the need to rifle through his pockets or wallet. Oh yeah and the fact that anytime he scrawls a number on a paper he leaves it in plain site where he knows I will see it. The man just would be no good at carrying on an affair- I’ve established that fact- but still, there’s always the what ifs that plague me– like any wife….

You find a receipt for condoms in your car trunk- what is the first thing you do?

Apparently after being married just shy of a month a reader wrote me an email to tell me– she didn’t know if she should confront her newlywed husband  about a receipt she found for a box of condoms. As I am NOT a man and hence really still trying to figure out what goes on inside the mind of a married man I asked  the sugar daddy… why would a man who is married  not even a month need to cheat on his wife?

The Sugar Daddy: He’s crazy– why did he get married if he’s going to act like that. He’s obviously not invested in this marriage.

Me: Do you think his wife had a right to confront him after finding this receipt?

The Sugar Daddy: Of course she has a right to confront him. She’s his wife, she has a right to know everything he’s doing.

Me: So if I found a receipt for a hotel room in the trunk of your car- you wouldn’t head butt me if I confronted you with it?

The Sugar daddy: No I wouldn’t head butt you.

Me: What would you do? Seriously if a wife finds out her husband is cheating– really what should she do? What would a man respond to?

The Sugar daddy: I think any man who is caught cheating– in the first month of his marriage- needs to reevaluate whether he indeed wants to be in the marriage.

Me: What if the roles were reversed, what if you found a receipt for condoms in my wallet?

The Sugar Daddy: I’d be upset clearly. I’d questions whether you wanted to be in our marriage.

Me: The truth  is– none of us knows how we will react when faced with finding condoms we know our spouses are not using with us– it is the ultimate betrayal- it breaks you- it breaks the trust.  Is there really any good way of having this confrontation?


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