You don’t need to have a baby to wear a GORGEOUS diaper bag so I’m giving away a SKIP HOP VERSA Diaper bag!

Congrats to our winner SUZIE!

I’ll admit it- I’m a chronic diaper bag user. And no I don’t much care for the plastic black ones they send you home with after you deliver your precious bundle. No, I like the strong, glamorous, I can carry my computer and dump my entire kitchen sink in my bag type of diaper bag- because I’m a mom and I need room to haul three different kinds of robot guys for my six year old and two different books and a drawing pad for my 11 year old, in addition to all the things I need. And a good, solid diaper bag- well it’s got all the bells and whistles mama needs- pockets for cramming extra energy bars, cell phones, makeup, wipes…you get the gist- right?

Skip Hop’s Versa diaper bag ($70)

Does it mean I am clamoring for a baby and so that is why I carry a diaper bag around; in the hopes one day I’ll be the recipient of an immaculate conception? No- cuz girlfriend I do know that ship has sailed but gosh darn the stuff new mamas get for their kidlets- is just so darn cute- and really who says I need to be a new mom to play with them too!

So if you’re looking for the  must have fall essential  whether or not you have a baby, you must get the new Skip Hop best-selling Versa diaper bag now available in new colors like; metallic Bronze and Graphite and I PROMISE getting on does not necessitate that you procreate! Stylish and lightweight, Versa expands to fit your life. VERSA is the high style diaper bag keeps up with you and baby through errands, playdates, work and even the gym! Pack it, grab it and go! Two insulated front pockets are roomy enough to store baby’s bottles, sippy cups and food. Nine more pockets easily organize diapers, toys, clothes and all of your personal items keeping everything safe and dry. A quick zip down the center provides over 20% more storage capacity. How cool is that?

And the best part? We are giving away one of these Skip Hop Versa Diaper bags to one VERY LUCKY reader! For a chance to snag it leave a comment on this blog post with what one might find in your bag RIGHT NOW. I’ll start first- Two action figures, wipes, crackers and mascara. For a second entry you can LIKE Married my sugar daddy on facebook. And for a third entry you can Follow @MelissaSChapman on Twitter and retweet this giveaway. GOOD LUCK! Giveaway ends September 17th!



  1. says

    Ooh, please, pick me. My bag contains a Kindle, a half-knitted sock, an iPhone without which I am lost, several unused lipsticks and lip balms, and half a ton of crumpled slips of paper with writing ideas and notes jotted on them.

  2. Amanda B says

    Right now you would find boogie wipes, crackers, my camera, pacifiers, some cash (depends on the day) and tons of formula, tippy cups, diapers and wipes 🙂

    Great bag! Super adorable!

  3. says

    You’ll find – iPad, a couple of pens, 1 marker, kleenex, business cards, 2 flash drives, granola bar, compact, deodorant (you never know!), change floating around on the bottom, gum that has fallen out of the package, banana, sunglasses, Polly Pocket figure, Barbie shoe, cell phone, sticky notes, wallet and I have my homework for the week as well as my textbook in there too. Whew!

  4. says

    I live this and totally need a diaper bag come November! If u take a peek inside my bag now u will find – a banana, a mini cucumber, chocolate chip cookies, silly putty and makeup.

  5. Raquel says

    Ahhh, a melted cough drop, a tube of lip gloss (covered in melted cough drop slime) and little hair bands for a little one….!

  6. Nikole says

    Right now my purse is my diaper bag. I have my wallet, wipes, diapers, a change of clothes for my 3yr old, 2changes of clothes for my 13month old, and toys and book, and snacks….. U name it I probably have it!

  7. Laura Jacobson says

    Haha..more like what you wont find in it! Oh….lets see…extra clothes, sweatshirt, nail clipper, pacifier, rattles, gum, childrens advil, mail, makeup, and my book! LOL…yep…just about everything except the kitchen sink!

  8. Wendy says

    If you were to look in my bag right now you’d find a cookie, feminine products, wet wipes and lots of old receipts! Wow, boring and weird.

  9. AMBER P says

    you would find size 3 and size 4 diapers because i have two babies you would also find wipes lotion perfume lip gloss and my phone. great giveaway thanks

  10. Austin Baroudi says

    You’d find diapers, wipes, a extra change of clothes, desitin, formula, a bottle, a couple of toys, and a pacifier!

  11. Betty says

    No one has mentioned – receipts, chapstick!, travel size of lotion, granola bar (to keep me going) and crumbs from the cracker packages that pop open

  12. Sara K. says

    My diaper bag has an ipod, scissors, diapers, wipes, a couple of squinkies. It is pretty basic. I try not to overload is since it is not that big.

  13. mechele johnson says

    Cloth diapers, one shoe, cause she always takes the only one off, sippy cup, spilled and destroyed dehydrated apple chips, 4 or 5 forgotten lip glosses in the bottom, and a sophie the giraffe…

  14. Sue H. says

    I have cell phone,wallet,keys,water,snacks,,wipes,brush,paper & pen and alittle makeup. I LOVE this diaper bag/purse 🙂
    Thank you so much for this super Awesome giveaway! 🙂

  15. Jennifer Peaslee says

    In my purse you can find: wallet, coin purse, lip gloss, and a bunch of old receipts and lists, lol…I really should clean it out more!

  16. Sleepyheadedmom says

    In my bag right now there is a hairbrush, a toy car, eyeliner, compact, baby wipes, a sunscreen stick, and a rock from the driveway. Yes a rock. A gift from my son. 🙂

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