You don’t need to be on a top 100 list to feel like you’ve made it

DISCLAIMER: this is not a sour grapes post. This is not a I am feeling bad that I wasn’t picked to be on a certain list of top mom blogs– which I will not link to- because I will not give into that site’s grand plan to pit us against one another.

Here is my feeling- I hate popularity contests, award shows, award ceremonies or any kind of celebration which chooses to single out certain people and laud them. What I really dislike about these kinds of contests-is the exclusionary judgement of it all. See here’s the thing- anyone organizing an online top 100 mom bloggers in the world contest has a method to their madness– they are looking to drive traffic back to their site- and will do that by any means necessary. Even if it means, singling out certain bloggers over others (the reasons, the judgement, the sheer arbitrariness of it all not withstanding- the you’re on the list because you write for them, know someone who writes for them, have an inside slot to the fast track with them yada yada you get the gist) is really just a ploy to get more eyeballs to their site. And then the cherry on top- they put out a call to have the public nominate their favorite blogger-just more traffic and us pushing and shoving one another to choose and nominate and spread their links even further.

What it all boils down to is this- my dad, the first man I ever truly loved I don’t believe ever got an accolade from his peers on any grand scale– he was never named a top 100 whatever. But to us, his kids, he was NUMERO UNO. He didn’t need to be feted with an ivory statue or a link declaring him top 100 dad of the year, in the eyes of all who loved him- he was already number one.

And that’s how I see so many of the rich, colorful, oh so talented bloggers I know, who might have been overlooked, and not included on this top 100 list for whatever the reason. There are so many brilliant voices out there who found a little piece of the internet to call their own, sharing their joys, struggles, hopes and even the minutiae of their lives, but in a way that can be oh so mesmerizing, it has me clamoring for more. And so many of these voices go unrecognized– and then a list like this comes out and well these voices get buried down even further.

Well to all the voices out there- the bloggers who share ever last bit of who they are via their online dairies- you are just as cherished and loved as any one of these top mom bloggers. YOU DON’T NEED A LIST TO FEEL LIKE YOU’VE MADE it.
Getting up every morning and living your life, caring for your friends and your family- to those people you are #1, and to readers like me you SHINE!

Now can we please stop allowing ourselves to be subjected to popularity contests?! To single out some & not others, because ultimately in the grand scheme of things how does it better us?


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