Why I think Jennifer Lopez should own her Sugar Mama status because men do it ALL.THE.TIME

It’s true this blog is called Married my Sugar Daddy and it’s also true that I married someone 15 years older because in addition to his dashing good looks and charm (what, doctors can’t be charming?!!)he also had a level of security I craved. The word security can be defined as this; boyfriend had a J.O.B. and lived such a modest lifestyle that I felt confident we wouldn’t be getting our electricity turned off…because let’s get real– in life all we really want is the security of knowing that the food in our fridge won’t spoil. But I digress WHAT does this have to do with JLO and her slightly younger boyfriend?

photo courtesy of http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/entertainment/2012/05/23/jennifer-lopez-launches-new-reality-show-featuring-casper-smart/

So it would appear that JLO is expanding her TV empire to feature a reality show starring her considerably younger boyfriend Casper Smart. My first thought, bravo Miss Lopez, you go girl expand that empire make money on your own sans that crypt keeper of yours. You are a strong, independent mother and professional wonder woman- you are the triple threat- and girlfriends you have a body that to me it seems inconceivable carried twins. You have paid your dues, and you shouldn’t have to apologize to anyone for taking your new boyfriend along for the ride. WHY?? Because MEN DO IT ALL THE TIME.

How many older men have put their lady loves into their productions- have many have given their lady loves a vehicle in which to launch their careers—just a few off the top of my head: Warren Beatty put ANETTE Benning ON THE MAP – granted she had serious acting chops to sustain a career- but Mr. Beatty’s Klout certainly opened the door for her. Oh and he is CONSIDERABLY older than her- or you mght just say–he was and is her sugar daddy. Another example Howard Stern & Beth Ostrosky 18 years age difference– the mogul Howard has put Beth on the Map–oh and did I mention Mrs Howard Stern is currently TAPING her own reality show??

The point is this– Celebrity men are guilty of nepotism when it comes to the women they’re having sex with– SO WHY SHOULD IT BE ANY DIFFERENT FOR Jennifer LOPEZ and her boyfriend Casper… I say go for it girlfriend- and let’s see if Casper has what it takes to stand alone….


  1. says

    Just found your site via Can-Can, and I looooove this entry! You are so right. Men do this all the time…and Jennifer Lopez has never been one to let public opinion stop her from doing what she wanted to do.

  2. Stoney says

    I like that story of Jenifer and his young dancer, lover and soon to be hubby. However, if she was to be called a sugar mummy..she should have hired a male super model to feel all her emptiness inside instead of her own employee..maybe she falls in love too easily when touched..wish i was near her..I could have her spell bound on my love… cheers try me

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