Why girls need their dads

So I write this blog, Married My Sugar daddy, and while I see it as a tongue n cheek chronicle of my experiences being married to a man who is 15 years older than me- if I dig a bit beneath the surface I know that our marriage wasn’t an accident by any means. I’ll admit it- I’ve had a “daddy complex” since the ripe old age of sixteen.

Why girls need their dads

It’s not that I didn’t have a father, I did. He was a very loving dad, but having been raised the son of two Holocaust survivors, who I surmise, based on the few sketchy details he’d shared from his childhood, had their own emotional demons to wrestle with and had a difficult time demonstrating their love for him.

And so, when my father had my siblings and me, I think he was emotionally ill-equipped to let us get close to him. I don’t think he was even consciously aware of his emotional distance from us- I believe that it was his normal. His way of expressing love was providing us with food clothing and shelter- just as his parents had with him.

Why girls need their dads

I’m convinced my desire to date older men, stemmed from my need to attain that approval and love from an older man; a surrogate father. I realize now, 16 years into my marriage with my sugar daddy that I wanted to find an older man who would provide me with all the things I felt I had lacked in my relationship with my own dad.

Although I love my husband and have almost no regrets about our relationship- ultimately I want to do everything I possibly can to ensure that my teen daughter feels supported , loved and resolves as many issues with her dad as humanly possible, before choosing a spouse.

Then of course if she wants to marry someone 15 years her senior- I’ll arm her with a laundry list of reasons she might want to reconsider and then give her a big thumbs up.


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