Why do we girls need so much reassurance that we are loved and appreciated by the men in our lives?

I just found this confessional video my son made on the iPad.(Along with about 350 pictures of himself- but I digress).

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I know he made this video, because his sister doesn’t fully believe in his love for her. She’s 10 years old and she is firmly ensconced in this phase of insecurity…about pretty much every facet of her life. Right now, as I type this, it’s her hair– she HATES her natural waves and is in the bathroom trying to straighten them. I know this is merely the beginning of a lifetime of feeling not good enough, not measuring up, being judged by a standard of beauty that is impossible to achieve
(unless you live in a photoshop computer program) or have a team of stylists at your fingertips (or a plastic surgeon on the payroll).

I am red in the face trying reason with her, assuage her insecurities, tell her the real heart of her soul is within and that outer beauty is fleeting and evanescent but it is simply not working. And I get it. We all need to take these personal journeys in order to be able to let go of the petty, meaningless stuff we carry around with us like trunks full of rocks- all this unnecessary weight, weighing us down coloring the way we see our world and our place in it.

And I guess it never hurts, to have a lil guy like my Jackson, making these completely unsolicited, spontaneous proclamations of love– I just wish my daughter could truly revel in them and believe them.


  1. Clueless mama says

    I love the video, especially where he says mom didn’t even tell me to say it. LOL. My heart breaks for girls and guys as they are growing up. It is such a hard road until they figure out how wonderful they truly are. I hope your daughter figures it out sooner than later. Loved the post.

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