When life hands you enough stress to choke on MAKE some margaritas! We’re giving away a Margaritaville® Explorerâ„¢ CORDLESS Frozen Concoction® Maker

Congrats to our winner CANCAN!

These past three weeks have tested my endurance as a human being on EVERY.SINGLE.LEVEL. Between dealing with the very real pain that 11 year old girls are capable of inflicting on one another and attempting to rebuild my daughter’s sense of self one compliment at a time and having my neighbor’s adult-son who lives in his parent’s basement (aka he will now be referred to as the troll) pull up beside my two tiny shih tzus and I as we were walking down my block and scream out a barrage of expletives describing how he will kill me and my dogs if he ever sees us walking down the street again…well kids it’s been a VERY taxing couple of days.

Not to worry I am on my way to my local police precinct today to report him- because LORD Knows you simply can’t take any threats as meaningless harm. And someone who would UNPROVOKED simply start raving like a stark mad lunatic- is a person I think needs to be on the cops radar. Forget the fact that he has completely spoiled what has always been a beautiful exercise for me- but I am hoping once I file the report and bring a copy over to show his MOTHER, that he will keep his distance.

And as for the 11 year old dramas and the evil that can only lurk in the heart of girls- who I’ve come to learn are not at all full of sugar and spice and everything nice- I’ve removed my girl from the situation, because she’s 11 and right now- I have the power to protect her- and well  I think life is tough enough, and there is no need for her to be picked on and chastised by a gaggle full of mean girls.. She’ll have PLENTY of time throughout her adulthood to deal with women and the evil that lurks behind their highlighted hair and plastic pouts.

So yes married my sugar daddy readers- when life hands you enough stress to choke on MAKE some margaritas! We’re giving away a Margaritaville® Explorerâ„¢ CORDLESS Frozen Concoction® Maker No Cord-No problem! The Margaritaville® Explorerâ„¢ CORDLESS Frozen Concoction® Maker allows you to create margaritas, daiquiris, and all the favorite frozen concoctions on the BEACH, in the YARD, at the PARK, before the big GAME, and just about anywhere!

ExplorerTM Cordless Frozen Concoction® Maker
With no need for a cord, this portable powerhouse can lead your party into uncharted territories. Whip up frozen drinks right on your boat. Take it tailgating. Throw a bash at the beach. Yes, this is Paradise Unplugged.
Key Features:
Model: NBMGDM0900
Powerful DC shaving and blending motors produce restaurant quality frozen drinks without a cord.
Heavy-duty battery pack creates up to 60 drinks (20 pitchers) on a single charge.
Pre-programmed settings automatically shave ice and blends up to 36 ounces of restaurant-quality frozen drink.
Rugged design, premium graphite finish with mango accent color, durable oversized controls.
Charging base and one 18V battery pack included

This portable margarita maker party starter on-the-go, packs a heavy duty 18-volt rechargeable battery that can produce up to 60 restaurant quality frozen drinks on a single charge… that’s 20 36-oz pitchers!  Designed for durability and sure-handed operation, the rugged portable design features an extra wide base for stability, a premium metallic finish and oversized controls with soft rubber touch points.  (MSRP: $299.99 – Available at www.MargaritavilleCargo.com)

And as tailgating and Labor Day gatherings are drawing near this party-on-the-go gadget Margaritaville® Explorer™ CORDLESS Frozen Concoction® Maker  makes  an excellent co-host all season long!

For a chance to NAB this party-on-the-go gadget Margaritaville® Explorer™ CORDLESS Frozen Concoction® Maker leave a comment on this blog post with one way you deal with stress. For a second entry you can LIKE married my sugar daddy on facebook and for a third entry you can follow @MelissaSChapman on twitter and retweet this giveaway! Good luck giveaway ends July 30th!



  1. Denise M says

    My best stress reliever is a pedicure, getting to sit in a comfy chair and get a foot massage while reading a trashy magazine

  2. Dana C says

    When I am stressed, hot tubbing with a glass of wine (or just about any adult beverage) is my go to remedy.

  3. says

    I handle stress by grabbing two or three of my best girl friends, heading out to a fancy restaurant and sipping on mixed drinks as we gossip about old friends and crappy men.

  4. Robert Hauptman says

    I like to go fishing to relieve stress. I focus on catching fish and enjoying the outdoors instead of worrying about my problems!

  5. says

    OH MY GOD! I am SO glad you are filing a report on that guy…that is NOT just a mean neighbor…that is serious stuff. As for your daughter, it seems like you have a grip on things, but it is SO Hard when someone is mean to your child. Girls are very mean to each other and at that age it is a hurtful game that shouldn’t be on the minds of 11 year olds. I deal with stress by reading (escaping into another world of characters and situations that keep me on the edge of my seat).
    Oh, and drinking (lol) . . . which is why I need to win this Margarita Maker :0)

  6. says

    My favorite way to relief stress is to laugh. An evening out with the girls can do miracles! When that doesn’t work I try a long warm soak in the tub, then hit the sheets with a good book or movie to get my mind off things for a while.

  7. says

    As a bride to be, stress is rearing its head at every moment… who knew picking linens would cause stress more than where to live? Anyway, best way to reduce stress? brunch with the girls and sharing ridiculous stories and yes, alcohol is involved!

    (already like you on FB (and in real life) and following you on twittah)

  8. says

    When I am stressed, I need to be alone! I might do something like organize a drawer. I would LOVE to have this little baby to help me DE-stress!
    I got divorced this year so it has been rife with stress.

  9. Tim says

    I deal with stress by going fishing. I don’t go to catch fish(though that doesn’t hurt), I go to sit alone in the middle of the lake and clear my head.

  10. David says

    I deal with stress by going on long strenuous bike rides. By the time I get home I am too tired to be stressed.

  11. KJ SKib says

    I run out and get a massage and there is pretty much nothing that a great glass of wine can’t take care of.

  12. Dani K says

    The healthy way I deal with stress is exercise. There are some unhealthy ways I won’t get into because I don’t want to reinforce (or admit to) them.

  13. Juli Guthrie says

    Lately, to deal with stress, I’ve began finding projects. Currently I am sanding chairs to refinish and recover them.

  14. Alycia M says

    My favorite way to relax is with trash tv and an adult beverage. And to con my hubby into rubbing my feet.

  15. says

    I clean or bake to deal with stress. The hubby always knows I’m in a bad mood when there’s a homemade angel food cake sitting in a clean kitchen lol

  16. Kelsey Apley says

    I like to play an online game that always helps me relax and forget about the stress I am going through!

    kelseylouiseapley {at} gmail {dot} com

  17. tracey johnson says

    i like to take a long hot bath while drinking a mixed drink. soft music playing in the background. i think i will do that tonight. lol

  18. Laura says

    I deal with stress by a nice long hot shower, followed by a couple of cocktail while reading a GOOD book!

  19. Jennifer Reed says

    The one way I deal with stress is margaritas and other libations whenever possible.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  20. Beth Hill says

    I deal with stress by being alone and either going for a walk or go shopping. If the weather is nice, I would go for a nice walk outside.

  21. kindra baron says

    I de-stress by getting in my sweats, making a giant bowl of popcorn slathered in butter & watch a movie at home that is GUARANTEED to make me laugh!

  22. jodi lasher says

    I deal with stress by being on cymbalta. I was very depressed and nothing was going good in my life. But now i can control my mood swings and the stress alot better

  23. Michelle Stice says

    I deal with stress best with a pair of headphones, some rockin music, and of course a Margarita!

  24. 1955nurse says

    My best stress reliever is taking my Siberian Husky out for a walk, & playing w/her… all that unconditional love just makes it all melt away!!!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com))

  25. 1955nurse says

    I LIKE you (HollyCunningham) on FB ((1955nnursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Thanks for the chance, this is FABulous!

  26. Nikki Lynn Hanna says

    One way I deal with stress it to take a nice, warm bubble bath and read a good book and let the stress just melt away…or until my husband or daughter starts beating on the bathroom door for me lol :)


  27. Sue H. says

    My way of releasing stress is to get in my recliner with a good book or go to the marina and just talk to God while looking out at the water.I have different things to do for different stress levels. Listening to music is a good one,just put on Adele and I’m good. My fave release of stress is to enter giveaways. Thanks for the chance to win and the giveaway!

  28. Wendy says

    Stress? Self-medication does it for me! LOL Not really but sounds good. :) BTW, the mean girls thing is very real and I am still dealing with it and my daughter is 17. Girls are evil. Best thing I ever found is build that self-esteem and a good mommy like you.

  29. JR Pickett says

    If I’m stressed out at home I’ll stop whatever I’m doing and go play with the dog. It always calms me down and reminds me stress is unhealthy. If I’m out, I’ll think about the dogs in the snow and practice some breathing exercises I learned. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. Paige Kelley says

    Putting on my headphones and taking a walk is the best stress reliever I find right now. Taking a walk through our farm by myself with just music in my ears :)

  31. Allisha Gold says

    I deal with stress by reminding myself that pressure is inevitable, but stress is optional. Instantly it makes me feel better and like I can handle whatever the situation is. Also, I always look to God, and give him thanks for all things. :)
    allishagold at volcano dot net

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