What keeps husbands REALLY attracted and in love with their wives?

It’s a fact men are visual creatures. If you’re at a bar, a man will likely approach a woman who is aesthetically PLEASING to his eyes, as opposed to a woman who has a great personality. Of course, once a man does approach said well-endowed woman, if  she is lacking in stimulating conversation- her boobs will probably not be enough to keep him interested. In fact, according to my husband, said large breasted woman while she might be visual eye candy for a man; those assets alone are not nearly enough to sustain a long term marriage and deep seated attraction.

What keeps husbands REALLY attracted and in love with their wives?

He says: “Any man will tell you, the physical stuff while titillating at first, wears off after the initial infatuation stage of a relationship– so a woman has got to have a lot more to keep her husband invested in  their relationship than just her boobs and other outstanding physical attributes.”

I say: “Well said, that earns you another night out of the dog house. So just what was it about little ole me that you found so absolutely breathtakingly sublime? In other words, how is it that you found it absolutely impossible to live without me these past 16 years?”

He says: “We compliment each other, it’s as simple as that”.

I say: “That sounds like a lovely statement, but I need details, back it up.”

He says: “You do things that I don’t like to do. You clean the toilets, cut the kids’ nails, clean the goop around the dogs eyes, wash the kitchen floor.”

I say: “Wait it sounds like you like the fact that I’m a housekeeper; were you secretly attracted to Alice from the Brady Bunch?”

What keeps husbands REALLY attracted and in love with their wives?

He says: “That’s mean. No, I just like that you like things clean and orderly it’s not something I’m good at, and well, it makes you that much more irresistible to me.”

I say: “So aside from my housekeeping prowess, anything else that makes you want to rip my clothes off?”

He says: “I like how you treat other people; you really care about the welfare of others. That’s a quality that is really attractive to me.”

I say: “But what do you think keeps husbands really attracted and in love with their wives?”

He says: “A woman who takes care of herself, physically, and cares about the way she looks.”

I say: “Ah I knew that appearance thing would be a factor.”

He says: “Listen it’s always nice for a wife to look good. It’s a primal thing- it keeps me attracted to you on a physical level and every marriage needs that primal attraction.”

I say: “So, in summation, tell me the key ingredients; what a husband really finds attractive about his wife?”

He says: “The way she mothers your kids, the way she cares about others, a good cleaner and yes someone who cares about their appearance”.

But here’s the thing; my husband is just one man so I am putting the call out there  men; what do you find most attractive about your wife?

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