What being at BlogHer taught me about my marriage

Although I live in NYC, going into Manhattan each day via express bus or via the Bridge ala Working Girl- is not something I relish, especially during the oh so sticky and hot month of August. Sure Sarah Jessica Parker makes running the streets of Manhattan in six  inch stilettos look glamorous, but the reality of it–I’m guessing Ms. Parker has got some JACKED UP feet.

I spent the better part of Thursday flitting around Manhattan, attempting in vain to hit up soiree upon soiree, all while trying desperately to get my AT&T phone to grab any signal so that I could do my job as social media gal for Duane Reade. I even stood in a specific hot spot of a Starbucks kiosk, which I was told was the only place I could grab a signal– and the lovely baristas sang to me the entire time ( one of the highlights of this experience)– oh and then stuffing the backs of my heels with Starbucks napkins to keep my chafing blistered ankles from bleeding everywhere.

So here I am weighed down with bags, sweating like Albert Brooks in Broadcast News and I call my husband- who by the way refuses to add texting to his phone. Oh and did I mention that although he carries a cell phone he hardly ever actually turns it on because he doesn’t want to waste the battery? So I finally catch him..

Me: “Hi honey can you find out when the next express bus is coming and where I can pick it up? I’m on 3rd and 50th street.”

The sugar daddy: ” How do I do that?”

Me: ” Can you google it?”

The Sugar Daddy: ” The computer is not on…do you want me to turn it on?”

Me (knowing that my husband will probably not be able to negotiate this via the internet–and still standing in this tiny kiosk of Starbucks about to faint as the tissues in my shoes fill with blood) : Can you just call 311?”

The Sugar Daddy: ” And what do you want me to ask them?”

Me: ( Now I feel like we’re Abbott & Costello playing a game of who’s on first and I DON’T WANT TO PLAY) ” Can you find out which express bus I can catch and where I can catch it  (PICTURE me SHRIEKING AT THIS POINT)”

The Sugar Daddy: “Honey if you need to yell at someone, you can yell at me. I’m sorry you’re having a tough day. Okay I’ll call you back.”

Morale of this little post: Being at BlogHer reminded me of this one thing: Any husband that will willingly take on your frustration and not just hang up on  the  phone on you is a keeper even if he can’t for the life of him, operate a search engine like Google.



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    OMG. Same deal here only my hubby was in the hotel room when I called him to come and get me and the baby and our crap, as we sat sweaty in a hotel lobby on 59 street and something or other. Glad I got to see you in passing at the SweetSuite!

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    oh that is too funny, and true. my phone wasn’t sending email for some reason the other day and i had some i had to send, so my husband went into my gmail and took my dictation. i was even annoying myself by the end of it but he did it. a little cranky about it, but he did it….

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    Omg this is great! I can’t believe I’m first reading your blog only after meeting your personally at SweetUp and totally thinking you are awesome…I wish I had know about your blog earlier. Here’s to a new blog friendship!!

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