Want to stay married? Then DON’T ask your husband these questions

My husband made the VERY unfortunate mistake of recently telling me he saw a mutual friend who looked skinny. And then I asked him a question- NO WIFE SHOULD EVER ASK her  HUSBAND, ” Honey do you think she is SKINNIER THAN ME?”

In theory as a married couple you and your spouse should feel so secure in your relationship that no question should be off-limits. And of course that is a true statement and I certainly don’t advocate keeping your feelings a secret from your spouse. Open communication is clearly one of the pillars of a solid marriage. However, there are certain key subjects that will always, without fail, create discord and will unnecessarily strike fear in the hearts of all married men, namely because they know their answers to said questions will cause stress to both you and them. In fact before you attempt to ask one of these off-limits questions, all women need to ask themselves this:


A) What if I don’t like his answer…what then?

B)  What if his answer opens up a Pandora’s box?

C) Is this question really worth starting a fight over?

D) Do I really want his honest opinion (or need it for that matter)?

 Just what are the five questions you should stay away from and NEVER ask your husband? Keep reading!

 #1 Does this dress make my butt look fat?

Bottom line: You have to ask the question- you probably already know the answer.

 #2 Do you think that woman is sexy or pretty?

This question will always cause an argument- because if he says yes- it means he’s thinking about other women, and of course us wives NEVER want to conjure up such images within our consciousness.

#3 Do you think I should eat this?

Once again you know what you should and shouldn’t eat- and your husband’s answer will ultimately tell you something you might not want to hear– or you might take his opinion as trying to steer you in a direction you feel he has no right taking you.

 #4 Do you like this dating reality show I’m watching?

Let’s face it- men don’t understand why or what compels women to watch these shows. PERIOD.

 #5 Why do you love me?

Men don’t do well when put on the spot- instead of asking for verbal validation, let your husband show you his feelings through his actions as opposed to his words.


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