Valentine’s Night In: Dinner and a Classic Netflix Movie!

You and your significant other have done the fancy Valentine’s Day restaurant with three forks. You’ve also done the movie date, sitting side-by-side in the theater and viewing a film together while you were miles apart in your individual thoughts. Now what you need is an interactive Valentine’s Day date, one that will provide you with a serious infusion of pure, unadulterated romance.

Valentine's Night In: Dinner and a Classic Netflix Movie!

Certain films have that magical ability to literally transport us back in time, to an era when  all gentlemen wore smart, tailored suits and always opened doors, women dressed in crinoline skirts and jewels to the market and good, old-fashioned romance reigned. Watching a movie at home, thanks to Netflix,  together can be just as exciting as a night out at the movies – with the added benefit of it being cheaper and much easier for couples who have children.

According to Emma Merkas of $30 Date Night,  All you need to do to ensure a wonderful date night at home is to make the effort to make it special. Turn off the phone, put on some soft music over dinner, light candles, dress up for each other. And, if possible ban the children from your date space for a bit – ideally, they’ll be in bed already.

And then BREAK OUT These THREE Netflix movies–The kind that will inspire your man’s chivalrous nature, and  may even convince your gal to strap on a pair of feminine stilettos and paint her lips a luscious candy-apple red– and invest in an evening of classic Netflix movie viewing and dinner in.


Merkas says that theming your dinner to match your movie makes the date even more special and separates it from every other night you sit on the couch together watching TV. She offers these three classic 50′s movies and theme suggestions for your next date night in.


Valentine's Night In: Dinner and a Classic Netflix Movie!

Some Like it Hot
This is the perfect movie to watch if you’re feeling the need to escape, if only for a few hours. You and your love can watch two men in drag one of whom will fall in love with a gorgeous young Marilyn Monroe. Try a homemade Italian feast as an ideal accompaniment – a bottle of Chianti Italian wine, spaghetti with a rich sauce (Remember that darling scene from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp? Another great classic 50s movie by the way!) and gelato to finish off in front of the television with Baci chocolate kisses.


Valentine's Night In: Dinner and a Classic Netflix Movie!

West Side Story
One of the most romantic movies of all time, a tale of unrequited love and forbidden passion, it is also a stunning portrait of classic New York City glamour. Dress in your 60s finest, serve martinis and canapés. The 60′s were traditionally toast points with some sort of topping, shrimp cocktails, cheese puffs, pigs in blankets and anything with puff pastry involved. Then settle in to watch  together. Bring the Kleenex.


Valentine's Night In: Dinner and a Classic Netflix Movie!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
A wonderful way to spend a lazy Sunday together – cook your sweetie a big brunch with eggs their favorite way, fresh fruit, croissants and preserves. Champagne is optional (not to mention decadent for a Sunday morning!) and then sit down to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A classic quirky film, with pixie sweetheart Audrey Hepburn dressed in frocks that will dazzle, and set against the aching melody, Moon River it is a film that will make your love want to adorn her neck with a strand of  pearls  and a pill box hat. Grab your mimosas and settle in for romantic love at its finest.

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