Tuesdays with the sugar daddy: the vacation curmudgeon

Being that we are about to embark on a WEEK LONG road trip–I figured it was time to tackle a subject near and dear to the sugar daddy’s heart– why he is SUCH a curmudgeon while on vacation (he gets mad but I usually refer to him as the late Andy Rooney while we’re vacationing– yes his eye brows could use a trim- and oh how he HATES buying any kind of beverage while anywhere other than a grocery store).

The vacation curmudgeon as DRAWN by my 7 year old son

Me: Honey why do you always look like you’re constipated when we go on vacation?

The sugar daddy: As hard as I try to be fun on vacation, it goes against my nature to pay money on frivolous tourist traps.

Me: But honey that’s what ALL vacations are–oh and how do you Try to be fun?

The sugar daddy:I try to take part in the kid’s activities and I try not to be bored all the time, it’s just hard work to be on a kid’s vacation.

Me: But honey you took a three hour nap on day two of our vacation?

The sugar daddy: I didn’t take a nap- I just closed my eyes and lied on the bed.

Me: Oh I thought that’s what a nap was–my mistake. So what really grind your gears about vacations?

The sugar daddy: I hate arcades; if I wanted to flush my money down the toilet I’d go to the bathroom. I hate spas– $49 manicures that are ruined in two days. I hate spending three dollars for a cup of soda, that’s all ice.

Me: Wow is there any vacation you’d feel comfortable taking- one that wasn’t trying to get you?

The sugar daddy: Not really.

Me: C’mon.

The sugar daddy: Even though we had this big talk about how I was going to be fun, and I thought I could, it goes against my grain.

Me: Do you think most men would agree with your stance?

The Sugar daddy: Yes, because they work hard for their money and they don’t like throwing it out at tourist traps. I went in knowing what I was getting into but I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I guess it’s my cheap nature– what can I say.

Me: But of course we’re going to keep going on vacations regardless..right?

The Sugar Daddy: Yes because when you and the kids are happy then I’m happy–that’s what gives me joy, but it still hurts to pay three dollars for a cup of ice.


  1. Jessica @peekababy says

    I think there’s a Mars/Venus thing regarding what’s worth spending money on in general. An expensive bottle of scotch which is about $3 cheaper in duty free is always worth spending money on in my husband’s eyes, souvenirs for children or t-shirts in tourist traps are not. We’ve basically has to agree to disagree on my house…which means we go twice as broke 😉

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