Trying to appreciate the little things my husband does

I know I take it for granted too. Yet watching my husband get ready for a big date night out, how he shaves his face, preens in front of the mirror examining every last wrinkle and new growth (yes as we age all of a sudden some of us begin to grow these weird skin tags in the oddest of places- but that’s another post), in those few seconds I watch him and kind of fall in love with him all over again.


Tips to  appreciate  the little  things your  spouse  does

It’s hard to appreciate the little things in your marriage for instance if you’ve got a husband like mine who, when left at home with a day off from me and our kids, upon my return was sitting in the very same spot I’d left him in and when asked what he did all day responded with, ” Nothing , I was waiting for you to tell me what to do”.

Do I realize what a privilege it is to grow old with him–no not everyday. But then there are those moments when I will look at him across a crowded room talking to strangers and think there is my husband, a bit more gray than he was 16 years ago – the first day we met- but still seeing him, watching him move in his slightly stiff stance (he’s a pretty reserved fella) I feel it. I feel a surge of excitement welling up in my chest.

Tips to  appreciate  the little  things your  spouse  does

I look at him and I see the little things he remembers; like when he makes me coffee- pouring in the cream and heaping in the sugar, cranking up Mary J. Blige in the car even though I know he prefers talk radio, and when I cant sleep at night letting me wake him up so I can talk to him about it. (Granted he keeps his eyes closed the whole time- but if I poke him and ask him to repeat what I just said, he’ll regurgitate the gist of it).

So I’m trying to appreciate the little things in my marriage and remember I love him.


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    I didn’t really pick my husband. It’s like we HAVE to be together. Sometimes I will say ‘wow, he’s so handsome’ or what have you.’ It is hard to appreciate the person you’ve been with for 20 years. I think that’s OK, though. We don’t appreciate our hands much. We don’t say ‘wow! It’s so great to have hands!’ It’s just a part of us. The person just becomes a part of us. Their importance to us is so profound it’s beyond appreciation.

    For my husband and I, we must be together. I’m pretty sure we’d die without each other. Sometimes I wonder if this makes appreciation kind of beside the point.

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