Try these 3 seduction scenes straight out of Hollywood to rev up your marriage

In an effort to hop onboard the ensuing New Year’s Eve lovefest sizzle that will shortly be SWEEPING our collective nation and perhaps because I am that girl who watches “contestants” on the Bachelor whisked off to exotic locales with their suitor (which I still find to be more akin to a Sister Wives episode than anything else, being that they’re all “sharing” the same guy in the biblical sense) sipping champagne, feasting on fresh oysters and strolling on white-sand beaches under a moonlit skies while the waves lap at their feet and , I can’t help but be awed by the sheer fantasy of it all.

Ultimately what truly lures us to shows like The Bachelor are the quintessential romantic settings. So I’ve decided it’s high time to set the stage for some romantic fun of my own and attempt (with my husband) these three straight out of Hollywood seduction scenes to keep our love HOT.

From Here to Eternity

Take your love to the beach, any beach, grasp his hand and, just as they did in the movie, chase one another at the water’s edge. Be playful, flirty, coy. Make your lover want you and then playfully wrestle him to the ground, right there on the wet sand and let the waves wash over your intertwined bodies. Let your hands rove. Allow yourselves to feel the power of the current rushing over you as your lips lock and you let the rest of the world melt away.


Remember that scene where Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze sit together at the pottery wheel? Sometimes sharing a sensory experience is exhilarating. Try pressing clay through one another’s fingers, feeling the weight and gravity of the machine as your lover cuddles you from behind and you both create a piece of art. Make sure your man is wearing just a pair of jeans and his bare chest as he sits behind you, cradling you against his chest. Let the clay slip sensually through your fingers, spinning the wheel until your masterpiece is complete (or you have sex whichever comes first).

Nine and a Half Weeks

This is probably one of the most well known film seduction scenes and acting it out with your lover can lead to some heated passionate exchanges. Take your lover, blindfold him (and if you’re really feeling frisky bind his hands together, too). Have him sit on a chair, take an ice cube and gently glide it down the nape of his neck and on any other erogenous zones you find interesting. Tease and titillate your lover with this ice cube while planting intermittent butterfly kisses on every exposed body part all while whispering seductive phrases into his ear. After five minutes he will be begging you to ravish him.

So.. any other noteworthy seduction scenes that need to be on this list?! PLEASE do tell!


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    My husband would be happy to know I’m reading this while he’s at work. Of course, if I mention it, I’ll definitely have to follow through with the scenes. LOL!!!

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