Time to get a nose job…Rhinoplasty that looks natural?!

At 37 years old I have learned that beauty is truly skin deep and just when I think I’ve finally allowed that statement to fully integrate my consciousness I see a headline like Rhinoplasty: New Innovative ‘Open Rhinoplasty’ Technique Has Better Results and all of a sudden I revert back to that 16 year old insecure girl who desperately wants a nose job.
A little background here, I come from an extended family of chronic rhinoplasty patients, both men and women who have gone under the knife to take their ethnic looking noses and have them transformed into the more coveted Roman, White Anglo Saxon Protestant ones. And really what choice did I have to veer from family tradition when the matriarch of my family, my grandmother who g-d rest her soul offered me as she had my cousins the money to pay for said procedure. (Did I mention that this grandmother had in the 1930’s gotten her own rhinoplasty as well?)
While it was a lovely gesture on her part- I don’t think that woman had a mean- spirited bone in her body other than the fact that she was convinced every housekeeper was stealing from her-I declined the offer. Even at the tender age f 16 I felt masquerading my true ethnicity- would be almost a betrayal to the men and women upon whose backs I stood. Those who bore the torment of anti-semitism, those who were murdered for it and those who didn’t have the means or access to refine their facial features so they could pass as gentiles. So I’ve lived with my big ethnic nose for 37 years and like it or not one of my kids has inherited it as well.
So you’d think I was settled, firm in my conviction to proudly wear my nose on my face, and so did I until I saw this article- which promises a much more natural looking result via a new rhinoplasty procedure. The new ‘open rhinoplasty’ technique, recently developed for nose surgery, allows surgeons to have more control over the procedure and therefore more precise results. The key is that  it involves an extra incision made along the skin between the nostrils in order to be able to fold back the skin and expose the cartilage of the nose. In doing so, the surgeon can sculpt the tissue in a more precisely because they can see the tissue. This enhanced visibility to the internal tissue enables the surgeon to see exactly what the final nose shape will be.
A natural looking nose via rhinoplasty… what could be so bad about that?


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    I've battled with this my entire life. I was the kid with the big lips and even bigger nose. (Or was it the other way around?)

    Now people pay to have full lips and I got mine free through genetics, but at the same time, I still can't get over the fact that my nose is still a bit wide.

    Like you, just when I think "It is what it is" I find myself wondering about it again.

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    You know, last Summer a 17 yr old died during breast augmentation in Boca – a gift from her parents. So very sad.

    Here you are looking at your nose and every time I see a photo of you, I have hair envy! ;)

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    Girl, first I think that you are beautiful, inside and out but I do understand having something that you want to improve or alter to make yourself feel better.I think people should do whatever makes them feel best in their own skin.That being said,I'd love someone to walk alongside me at all times and photoshop me in real time:) But I'd settle for ass implants because like you I have an ethnic body part. Mine would be my "mexican flat bootie" not to be confused with the"jLo Puerto Rican bootie" :) I just could never take the time off to recover plus there's the whole I'd have to buy bigger pants to accommodate for a bigger ass and well, lets just say upping my pant size is not anything I ever do willingly.If fight it kicking and screaming it.So for now, I will continue to embrace my flat bootie. What the hell, I can't see it anyways, right? :)

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