This Wife Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Wearing Mom Jeans: 5 Tips To STRUT Your Style!

I admit it- after I had my first child, let’s just say that I definitely sported my pregnancy jeans followed by several pairs of mom jeans for a little longer than I should’ve. I suffered from a syndrome I’ve called momjeanitis. Whereas I once a hip chick, who actually cared and took a real interested in the way I presented myself to society before leaving the confines of my house, once I gave birth I suddenly morphed into those mom jean wearers Tina Fey so wonderfully lampooned on SNL. Maybe it was just being in that fuzzy new mom haze, drunk on changing baby poop and being milked like a cow, that I caused me to simply misplace my fashion sense mojo.
5 Tips To STRUT Your Style!

Fortunately my attitude towards my appearance has taken a major turn, since I became the mother of a highly precocious, and dare I say it critical 14 year old daughter who is extremely cognizant of my clothing and accessory pairings. In fact my daughter, who was recently rifling through old family photo albums and saw me sporting some post pregnancy mom jeans, being the straight shooter she is, looked me squarely in the jaw and said, “Mommy you are never going to actually go outside like that again,are you?” Of course my son said, “Mommy you will always look beautiful to me and therein lies the difference between daughters and sons, but I digress. So in any event, having my 14 year old at my side is all the influence I need to step up my game, and ditch any tired mom clothing in exchange for some fresh, hip, but comfortable and AFFORDABLE looks!

Keep reading for my five tips to show you help you  afford and pull off fashion forward frocks that are sexy, classic and do not include the dreaded mom jeans.

#1 Don’t be afraid of color! I know I am the first person to dress in all black clothing, as I’ve always thought it helped to slim me down- but this year I’m ready to add a bit of color to my wardrobe. No, I’m not saying you will see me dressing up in a fluorescent pink pants suit, but I am ready to add colorful accents to my outfits like a bold orange clutch, or a pair of neon yellow sling backs. Baby steps!

#2 Take the time to browse discount stores where you can find designer duds for much less than their designer price tags. Of course this takes patience and the understanding that you will need to comb through racks– but the end result will be outfits that are priceless and on trend.

#3 Accessorize! You can take a plain black dress and add a chunky jeweled necklace, beautiful pumps and/or chandelier earrings and voila you look runway ready. Don’t be afraid to try out some scarves, lengthening jewelry, earrings, and fun shoes.

#4. Invest in the grab-and-go pieces. Make sure you have BASICS that can be worn with anything! Skinny, straight, or boot-cut jeans. Buy some leggings. Go for solids so that you can accessorize them, dress them up and down, go from day to night.

#5 Don’t forget your FACE! If you have a MAC Counter at your local department store spend some time there to find the colors for you the perfect glosses and a beautiful PLUM lipstick (Yes, plum is for everyone. You just need to find the right PLUM).


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