The weather is getting frightful but inside it’s delightful with Honeywell Heaters and Humidifiers and we’re giving them BOTH away!

Congrats to our winner Jammie!

We live in a house that is over 100 years old and the Sugar daddy is not the biggest fan of heating a rather large abode-one with over 6ft high ceilings and hardly any insulation when we only truly use two floors of our place ( If you know me- you know those other two floors are for HOARDING -A&E would LOVE to feature me as a case study on their show Hoarders). So when the winter comes we LIVE for our space heaters– like LIVE and breathe space heaters which is why I was so intrigued when i got an email to test out the new Honeywell humidifiers and portable heaters.

my husband and his honeywell heater

These Select lines of Honeywell humidifiers and portable heaters are now available exclusively at Target! And featured in burgundy and navy, in addition to white and black, they totally help homeowners-like me- integrate winter home comfort into their home décor.

And the humidifier is going straight into my son’s room!!

In fact Evette Rios, home expert and The Chew correspondent, shares the importance of color in the home and incorporating your gadgets into any décor and she shares these top tips for the home this season:

·         Restore Essential Moisture

During the winter, humidity levels can drop as low as 10%. When humidity levels are this low, moisture is pulled from the wood furniture, antiques and even your piano.  Humidifiers offer an effective solution to counteract the effects of dry, harsh winter air by adding essential moisture to any room.

·         Time to get Cozy

On a cold winter’s day, there is nothing better than cozying up with a good book. Instead of turning up the thermostat or getting tangled in a blanket, try plugging in a Honeywell Surround Heater. With a unique ergonomic design and quiet fan, a wave of heated air is circulated in your room for fast and efficient warmth.

·         It’s Getting Hot In Here

The moisture humidifiers add to dry air help to alleviate common nuisances brought on by winter heating, such as static electricity, peeling wallpaper, and cracks in paint and furniture. The Honeywell Cool Moisture Humidifier offers soothing, invisible moisture that helps temporarily relieve dry air discomforts for better home comfort.

For more information on these faboosh Honeywell products check out their Facebook & Twitter accounts!

And because it’s the holiday season and I love to share the wealth I’m giving away one Honeywell humidifier and one Honeywell portable heater to ONE lucky reader! For a chance to nab these two products for yourself- leave a comment on this post with your must-have winter gadget! For a second entry you can like Married my sugar daddy on facebook and for a third entry you can follow @MelissaSChapman on twitter and retweet this giveaway. Good luck giveaway ends November 26th!


  1. William says

    My must have gadget are my two sons to run the snowblower in our driveway. The only problem is the upkeep cost (food and clothes) is EXTREMELY high !!! LOL

  2. Kathy Hanley says

    My must have winter gadget is my fireplace but we only run our fireplace when we know we are in for the day or night because once we light it we don’t like to leave it without anyone home or in the room so this would be a great solution for those days when we have a lot of running to do.

  3. Laurie Harrison says

    Gosh, that humidifier is nice. It would help my honey’s sinus problems, I think. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  4. alyce poalillo says

    I can really use both of these but especially the humidifier as I had to throw my old one out so have been using a bowl of water!

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