The couple that works out together also sprays cologne together, right?! And a Men’s GUESS Night GIVEAWAY!

Congrats to our two winners Jill and Diane!

I fought it. For 12 years I fought my husband on the issue of working out with him. And the more he pushed the issue, the more I pushed back– albeit to my own detriment- he’d say, “You think you really need another blueberry pancake?” to which I’d respond, “I don’t just need one more pancake I need THREE more.”

The couple who works out together also sprays cologne together, right?! And a Men's GUESS Night GIVEAWAY!

It was the typical, you’re not my father (just because you’re fifteen years older than me- you can’t control me) response. But I don’t think I was really listening and now I realize, he wasn’t trying to control me– he was just trying to save me, from myself. But at the time-I didn’t want to listen, I couldn’t listen- because I had always struggled with my weight and so- I promised myself I was never going to allow ANYONE to dictate a body image ideal to me. I was the master of my own destiny (albeit one that was taking me closer towards the edge of gaining more weight than I wanted to, and becoming increasingly more sedentary and complacent about this fact.)

And then my sweet daddy died at 68 years old, and things just came clearer into focus for me. The fact that I don’t want to die at an early age. And that eating those three extra blueberry pancakes wasn’t empowering me over my husband’s slightly controlling ways. In fact, there were other ways- I could show my more senior hubster that I was the boss of me, and that just because I was 15 years younger than him- I didn’t need that often parental, authoritative voice, he sometimes used with me. But I could do it without sabotaging myself, and my body, and my health.

So- we’ve been working out together– and more importantly I’m working out on my own terms at a gym I love, on machines I choose, and I have to admit it feels pretty darn good. And in the spirit of finding things we can do as a couple and since I’m now doing something my husband has been wanting me to do for YEARS- its his turn to do something for me… start wearing cologne.

I know, sounds crazy- right? That’s all I want from my husband- and yet it’s something he really doesn’t enjoy- but since I just got the most DELICIOUS scents from new line to review- well- he’s FINALLY decided that dabbing a little of it behind his ears- if it will keep his wifey happy- is a task he’s willing to undertake.

The couple who works out together also sprays cologne together, right?! And a Men's GUESS Night GIVEAWAY!

So as  you begin shopping for holiday gifts for your man, think about warming up your fragrance routine with offerings from  GUESS and Help your man take the night—with GUESS Night, a seductively masculine and magnetic men’s fragrance. Playfully spicy and woody, GUESS Night is bursting with heady, energetic notes to keep you going until the sun comes up. The fragrance’s fresh, invigorating scent is dominated by the masculine aroma of woody fougere. Passionate flairs of hot pepper, zesty notes of grapefruit and the sensual essence of vetiver compliment the core aroma for a long-lasting cologne that’s sure to get you noticed.

GUESS Night ($49/1.7 fl. Oz.): Guess Night embodies confidence. Notes of hot pepper, grapefruit and cedar wood create a masculine, woody scent full of adrenaline and adventure. Wear it for an instant boost of confidence that owns the night.

And because I want  your man to smell SUPER seductive I’m giving away TWO bottles of  GUESS NIGHT  to two lucky married my sugar daddy readers. For a chance to be one of our TWO WINNERS You must subscribe to our YouTube Channel  and leave a comment here that you subscribed. For a second entry you can Married My Sugar Daddy on Facebook! For another entry you can Follow @MelissaSChapman on Twitter and Retweet this giveaway! For another entry you can follow MelissaSChapmanwriter on Instagram and for another entry you can follow @MelissaSchapman on Pinterest Good LUCK! Giveaway ends November 28TH


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