The Amanda Knox story- will we ever really know what happened?

I am an admitted Betty Broderick devotee, or in other words, if her Lifetime movie is on, I have NO Choice but to drop whatever I am doing and watch her, or more aptly put watch Meredith Baxter so brilliantly and poignantly play her scorned womanness.

Does that mean that I advocate her unspeakable acts–no – but there is something so tragic about her life’s events (and of course Meredith Baxter plays her and her personality quirks to a tee) that I almost cannot look away. The story of a woman, who after putting her husband through law school bearing his kids and essentially propelling him to the pinnacle of his law career success and all the trappings that go with it- he leaves her for a much younger colleague- well it resonates on so many levels.. But this is not a post about Betty Broderick…it is about Lifetime’s newest installment of their original made for TV movie, Amanda Knox , Murder on trial in Italy.

Lifetime sent me a screener of this Hayden Panettiere and Marcia Gay Harden feature film, which aired a while back on Lifetime and well… it was RIVETING and heartbreaking, and confusing and left me with so many questions…I may be dating myself but ever since I saw the film Midnight Express, I’ve always harbored a deep-seated fear of being trapped in another country’s prison without the aid of our US legal system to help me and in this film, Amanda played quite brilliantly by Panettiere, on some levels suffers the same fate.

A little back story- she’s a Seattle college student who decides to spend a year abroad in Perugia Italy. It attempts to help us understand the intimate details of the tragedy that unfolded soon after; the cold-blooded murder of Knox’s British-born roommate in Italy, Meredith Kercher, and whether Knox and her Italian boyfriend were the perpetrators of this crime.

I have to say this… the movie itself was quite honestly- both riveting and tragic, especially being a true story, that is constantly unfolding in real time in real life… but it also gives us a sense of the characters behind the tabloid headlines. It is absolutely worth a view and will have you questioning everything about the ethics of the Italian legal system, Amanda Knox’s motives and how a seemingly normal life can spin completely out of control.

What are your thoughts on Amanda Knox?


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