Stylish Saturdays: I’m helping you switch up your look by giving away $400 worth of hair extensions from Hairdo by HairUWear. (you are welcome) !

Congrats to our winner mechele johnson!

Whether you may know this or not- I got a Brazilian (yes I told everyone I got one of them and they all thought I was refrering to a Brazilian on my naughty parts!) But alas no I actually got a Brazilian Blowout- which cost me a FORTUNE and will only lasted about four months at which point I decided I couldn’t  possibly go back to the salon and fork over another king’s ransom worth of shekels.

So if you’re feeling the need to change up your look, temporarily- a pretty fabulous option;  HAIR EXTENSIONS from Hairdo by HairUWear. ! When celebrities cut their hair short for a role, and then appear with long, luscious locks on the red carpet the next day (or vice versa), you ask yourself – how do they do it? Their secret is hair extensions.

Clip-In extensions from Hairdo by HairUWear are easy-to-use at home and effortlessly blend into your own hair. The best part is that extensions allow you to quickly transform your hair without a commitment or ever stepping foot into a salon. And now, women can change their hair as often as they change their mind without breaking the bank. THINK: Fabulous hair in a flash; infinite looks in an instant.

WHAT THEY ARE: Totally styleable – and stylish – hair extensions and clip-ins, presented in newly re-vamped packaging. From funky ombre extensions to flirty French braids, Hairdo by HairUWear offers countless styles that empower you to mix up your look and make a glamorous, gorgeous hair statement every day. About Hairdo by HairUWear. : From wigs and temporary pieces to professional hair extensions, Hair U Wear®  human hair and synthetic collections blend popular style trends with cutting-edge technology to give women the power to instantly transform their hair styles. The Hair U Wear® family of brands includes hairdo, Put on Pieces, the Raquel Welch Signature Collection of wigs and Great Lengths professional hair extensions.

With the re-launch of this premium collection from celeb stylist Ken Paves, the same flawless, beautiful, ready-to-wear hair extensions and clip-ins that you’ve come to love are back, now with new, luxe packaging. Developed with True2Life® Heat Styleable Hair, Hairdo extensions can be flat ironed, curled or blow dried, just like natural hair. The new packaging features exclusive QR codes that offer easy-to-follow mobile instructions on how to apply, care for and style each Hairdo piece. Available in shades to complement any hair color, they’re the effortless way to achieve stunning, sexy styles that blend seamlessly with your real hair.

 And the BEST PART? I’m giving away the FIVE hair pieces below from to one lucky lady. A $400 value!

 18” Simply Straight Pony ($49): A sleek, polished ponytail is always on-trend. With this 18” wrap-around pony, your hair gets a totally posh transformation. Perfect for a smooth, chic look for brunch with the girls, or as a modern, sophisticated style for a night out on the town, it’s a must-have, versatile hair accessory.

16” Ombre Extension ($49): The must-have, dark-to light hair color trend has never been so simple to achieve. This multi-level, 16” clip-in extension not only gives you dazzling length, but it delivers the hot ombre look seen on glam, trend-setting starlets everywhere.

16”Fineline Extension ($99): Timelessly elegant, the 16” inch Fineline extension is a lightweight clip-in guaranteed for a virtually undetectable look.

 23”Wavy Extension ($99): Get bombshell waves that wow. This multi-level, 23” wavy, one-piece clip-in extends short hair to below the shoulder, and adds major voluminous oomph to long hair.

22” Straight Extension ($99): Super-sleek hair evokes a straight-off-the-runway, sexy vibe, and now you can get the look without flat ironing for hours on end. This multi-level, 22” clip-in extension provides a sleek, smooth style that’s lustrous and luxurious.

To enter the giveaway leave a comment about the worst hair experience you’ve had ( bad haircut, bad dye job– because we all have been there and you know misery LOVES company! For a second entry you can follow me on twitter at MelissaSChapman for a third entry you can like Married my Sugar daddy on facebook Giveaway ends October 23rd. Good luck!


  1. Tabathia B says

    Well I have to say when my beautician gave me a chemical relaxer/perm and curled my hair and all my curls fell before I left the salon and then she decided to glue some extensions to my hair that were wavy

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  2. Kassie Harris says

    I once decided that I wanted to bleach my hair at home. Ialready had blonde hair but I was going for a white blonde look… BIG mistake! I ended up with orange roots and white tips. It was awful! I’ve also had my fair share of bad haircuts but I’d have to say my bleach incident was the worst.

  3. Jackie Griebel says

    Worst hair experience – when the hairdresser was supposed to bleach my hair blond and forgot and dyed it BLACK!! Then she giggled and didn’t offer to make it right or even a discount.

  4. lisa ruehl says

    i have wavy hair, and i went to a new place for a haircut, she razor cut my hair, very short. i went home and cried. needless to say i have been growing my hair again and will never go back there. thanks for the chance

  5. liz lew says

    My brothers partner highlighted my hair (my natural hair color is dark brown), he tried to give me light brown highlights and it ended up being orange. It was horrible looking. In the process of ‘fixing it’ the next day, the color got brassier! Horrible horrible

  6. Diane says

    I have bleached out hair – I was meant to be a blonde. After a few drinks one night and a bought of Sex in the City I thouhgt it owul dbe a GREAT idea to perm my hair.
    Had no idea that if your hair is bleached its a bad idea. I looked like a frizzy poodle with fried hair. My poor hubby looked and me and laughed and said he was going to buy me a new flat iron.

  7. says

    I have had a few bad hair cut experiences it is hard for me to find someone who cuts hair well, No matter how well I explain the hair cut I want they always cut it too short the last time they cut it WAY shorter then I wanted,I cried for an hour.

  8. Katy M says

    Worse hair disaster: got a perm one day, went to sleep and the next day one side of my hair was completely flat! ..the side I sleep on! It was horrible. The hairdresser had to RE-PERM my hair and it was so fried!! Ahhhh!!

    PS, I liked you on facebook 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  9. says

    In high school, I let my best friend try to cut my hair in the yearbook room. She went through about 4 pairs of scissors before she found some that actually cut my hair. She cut the bottom half and then the period was over. So I went to the rest of my classes with my hair halfway cut. Then I let my brother help me try to bleach it. ( I was going for the Meg Ryan look). It went orange. We bleached it again. It went yellow. One more bleach. It wasn’t my best idea to have non professionals help out. Lesson learned.

  10. Kelsi says

    One time I decided to try a straitening product in my hair. When it was time to wash it out, chunks of my hair were falling out. I thought I was going to lose all of my hair. It was a horrible experience. I will definitely not be trying that again.

  11. AMBER P says

    i got extensions for my wedding that they clamped in individually…when they went to take them out it ripped out half of my hair and i had no choice but to chop my hair off 🙁 this is a great giveaway thanks

  12. Ronda Patrick says

    My worst hair cut was when I was a teen in high school. They cut my hair that was below my waist and I asked for it to be around shoulder level or below a bit with some waves. They cut it so short and then permed it so that I looked like Annie with curls tight against my head!!!! I cried for weeks!!!!

  13. Melanie L says

    My worst hair experience was a bad layering job (which i requested) at 16. I decided it was a good idea to get a piggy back perm after that. NOT attractive to look like a poodle

  14. laurie brown says

    I got my hair cut like a week before my senior prom…it was horrible,the back was not even,it was way off…looked so awful and then she cut it so short in the front -I had to put it back in a ponytail and I had wanted it all curled and pretty for the prom…

  15. mechele johnson says

    I would have to say my worst hair experience was when I was 19, had my own apartment in Downtown Portland, Or, and me and a friend were getting ready for a big concert. I was soooo excited. We decided to put Henna dye in my hair. What happened was that it turned green!!!!!! I cried and cried, then had to wear an ugly hat to the concert. We finally discovered what happened later that night. We used an old aluminum pan to heat it up with! The box says absolutley do not use Aluminum as it will react with the natural ingredients in the Henna….At least I can laugh about it now!

  16. Amy Bailey says

    For my wedding my sister cut my hair WAY to short… in the end I ended up liking it… but at first I cried and cried about it.

  17. molli mc glowacki says

    worst- I had been growing my hair for years to donate; I was ready for a change, so I foolishly told the stylist to do whatever she wanted, thinking she would consider my super-fine hair when deciding. I got a short, almost-boyish cut, complete with a shaved neckline!, and on my almost 6-ft-tall, 200# body, just looked ridiculous. Even my husband couldn’t think of one nice thing to say about it!

  18. tiffany ibarra says

    I died my hair black once in high school and even though it was a temporary color, it stayed for forever!

  19. kristi P says

    My worst haircut was when i went in for a bit of a fringey bang and was told by the guy cutting my hair that he didn’t do non-commital bangs and proceeded to chop them to about 1 inch long bangs. It was horrible

  20. Lisa R says

    when a stylist ruined my hair with a curling iron, it took months to get it back to decent health after the hair had been burned in several places

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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