Stay Fit and Sexy with our Nautilus Bowflex $180 equipment giveaway!

Congrats to our winner AMIR!

I am going to come clean right here and right now. On the days when I can’t get to the gym I feel this Intense guilt. Yes I have become one of those people who CRAVES the gym to live and eat. When I workout I feel better, more grounded and not guilty about eating a cookie. So what’s a girl to do, especially when as a busy working mom my kids’ emergencies don’t always leave me the opportunity to get in an hour in at the gym? BOWFLEX BABY!!! That’s right- the great thing about Nautilus’ line of Bowflex products are that if you can’t get a to a gym- you can BRING THE GYM HOME TO YOU and do your squats while you are helping your son study for his spelling test.
Stay Fit and Sexy with our Nautilus Bowflex $180 equipment giveaway!
Two new Nautilus Bowflex products that I am currently GAGA for are the Bowflex® UpperCut™  and  the Bowflex Boostâ„¢ smart activity tracker. (Oh and GUESS what readers? We are giving BOTH AWAY to one lucky reader….. but first keep reading about how they will revolutionize the way you work out at home!

Bowflex® UpperCut™ $129

Designed for fitness buffs who want to take their strength workouts to the next level, the Bowflex UpperCut uses state-of-the-art technology to transform classic exercises such as presses, pikes, dives and fly movements into a high-tech workout for a sculpted upper body – that’s portable and easy to take anywhere.

The UpperCut has three adjustable resistance levels and more than 30 unique exercises with unlimited variations. Through its ARC (Activation, Repetition, Control) Technology, you’ll work your body in ways previously impossible to do on your own, and with perfect form. This technology is scientifically proven to activate up to 30% more muscle and enable up to 4Xs more repetitions. Along with the Bowflex UpperCut, you’ll find several “extra” complementing pieces to keep you motivated and engaged, including:
Mobile Web App for the iPhone and Android featuring the “Ultimate Five” workouts
A Dirty Dozen Workout Poster detailing the 12 essential UpperCut moves to keep you motivated and on your way to a flawless Bowflex body.
A Bowflex Body Weight Loss Plan as a motivating reminder of your progress and goals.

Bowflex Boostâ„¢ smart activity tracker

The Bowflex Boost™  $49.95 smart activity tracker band was designed for persons of all fitness levels. It’s a 24-hour monitoring band that tracks activities (calories, steps and distance) throughout the day and into the night.  It lets you personalize your daily goals, and offers insights that empower you to make positive change. Designed with Bluetooth® Smart technology for wireless syncing, it provides extended battery life of up to 11 days.  Bowflex Boostâ„¢ is currently available for iOS devices 4s and higher. The free software is available through the iTunes® App StoreSM and automatically syncs with mobile devices, allowing the user to set and monitor progress toward daily fitness goals.
How Boost Works
Buy Now

How Boost works
Set Your Goal
The Boost app lets you set daily personal goals and check your progress at a glance

Start Tracking

Day and night, Boost will keep track of your activity and sleep.

  • Sync Wirelessly

    Wireless bluetooth technology automatically syncs activity data to your iPhone.

  • Stay Active

    Boost makes it easier than ever to hit your goals, stay motivated and on track.


And Nautilus has just announced the release of the Bowflex® SelectTech® Trainer iOS, a free interactive weight-training application designed to help people of all fitness levels get a great workout.   The Bowflex® SelectTech® app  is a great tool for users to easily track and monitor their fitness progress and even compete with others. The application offers trainer-led exercise programs, such as themed workouts, body-part-focused training sessions and six-week programs. Users also have the ability to pick a playlist or album to play as background while a trainer guides and motivates them through each exercise.


While the workouts are custom-designed for use with the Bowflex® SelectTech® Dumbbells, anyone who owns weights and wants a great workout can use the app. Bowflex® SelectTech® Dumbbells offer varying adjustable weights, allowing users to circuit train, tone and burn fat at home.Additionally, check out our blog post on Bowflex Insider, which provides a few tips to on how to stay fit on a budget: Tips to Get Fit. For Free!

And now for the GIVEAWAY!! For your chance to win a Bowflex® UpperCut™ $129.95 and  the Bowflex Boost™ smart activity tracker  $49.95 You must subscribe to our YouTube Channel  and leave a comment here that you subscribed. For a second entry you can LIKE us on Facebook! For another entry you can Follow @MelissaSChapman on Twitter and Retweet this giveaway! For another entry you can follow MelissaSChapmanwriter on Instagram and for another entry you can follow @MelissaSchapman on Pinterest Good LUCK! Giveaway ends November 12th!



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    If that video doesn’t inspire someone I don’t know what will. I’m out of shape and could use to tone up and get this heart rate going. Love this!

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    I like to eat the tops off of muffins, but dislike my muffin top…this would be great

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