So I lost Cash Cab but at least I raised money for charity–and sat in Nissan’s fab oh so cool new taxi

I am always up for a game… especially when there are multiple choice answers (those are my favorite- because how hard can that be- and at least you have a a chance of getting a few of them correct, right?!) Yes that’s what I thought too when my favorite blogger Vera Sweeney of Lady and the Blog asked me if I’d like to be her team mate on a blogger edition of Discovery’s Cash Cab, with host Ben Bailey, as part of a larger event to unveil the brand spanking new Nissan Taxi of Tomorrow Did I mention these cabs are equipped with USB ports and have enough room to fit an entire army of clowns (you know like those clown cars!)

The Nissan taxi of Tomorrow — yeah it’s THAT COOL!

So here we are– Vera and my other fabulous team mate Jeff of Just Another Manic Mommy checking out the Taxi of Tomorrow with several other bloggers

And the WHOLE TIME we’re thinking we are gonna TAKE EM DOWN TO CHINATOWN…Nichelle Jill Adam Rachel and Lauren and we are smiling because we think we got this one in the bag– apparently the questions are about NYC and taxi cabs– and well I’ve lived in NYC for 38 years so I figured who else has this more in the bag than me…

We were even super prepared in our Nissan jackets on...

And here we are all miked up

And then the QUESTIONS CAME and we were STUMPED…( note the odd look on my face- like oh geez I have NO CLUE what thew answer is….)

Well – watching this video is actually more painful than losing— because two of the questions we WOULD have got right if we didn’t second guess ourselves…and well it’s just painful watching us look like deer caught in headlights!! And did I mention how perfectly dreamy and tall Host Ben Bailey is (just watch the video for that reason alone- and yes if you like watching three grown adults SQUIRM)
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Yes we crashed and burned but the silver lining is that our charity of choice – Boys and Girls Club of America – still walked away with an extra $1K thanks to Nissan and their ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ initiative. And in case you wanted to know a bit more about let’s get to Nissan’s Taxi of Tomorrow…

-A transparent roof panel to provide unique views of the city (who needs to shell out extra for those double decker buses!)
-USB charging access for passengers ( THIS IS MY FAVORITE!)
-Upright cargo space to accommodate luggage for 4 passengers(Great for city dwellers with double strollers or those who go shopping at TARGET!)
-Flat floor with no hump (seriously so much more roomy!)
-Passenger controlled independent read-seat heat / air conditioning (ABOUT TIME)
-Enhanced interior materials intended to help reduce airborne odors (No more stinky taxis)
-Breathable, anti-microbial, easy to clean and environmentally friendly seat upholstery
And the best part…When the NV200 Taxi is deployed across the entire taxi fleet, the equivalent of 4 square acres of space will be freed up on City streets. So when will you see one of these Taxis of tomorrow on NYC streets? Roll out begins October 2013!

And just FYI…Nissan provided me with a jacket and signed Cash Cab board game by Ben Bailey, host of Discovery Network’s Cash Cab.


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