Smart Beauty: Challenging myself and YOU to LOVE yourself today-who is with me?

I think, we are all born into this world with a healthy dose of confidence and self esteem and would likely strut around cocky as all hell… that is until we meet our parents and grandparents.

Smart Beauty: Challenging myself and YOU to LOVE yourself today-who is with me?

And my mother who has always been self-conscious about her own crooked nose– seemed to luxuriate in the fact that I too had inherited this facial feature and dropped not so subtle hints about our joint- problems. Up until my mom said anything- I thought I was just as darn adorable as every other little blond haired- blue -eyed girl I saw. I don’t think I even saw my nose as anything other than utilitarian. I certainly didn’t feel like it was a blight on my face- and something that took away from my beauty.

So I listened to my mother and allowed her to drop her not so subtle comments about my beautiful face and then my nose, as she would EXCLAIM with a tinge of disappointment in her voice;: “Oh that nose!” I did my best to tune it out and laugh it off as only a kid can; aka internalize it until I began to believe it.

When I was 16 my grandmother (never one to mince words) looked at me and very sweetly said,” Oh Melissa you have such a beautiful face but that nose– let me give you a nose job for your birthday.”  While at that moment every fiber of my being wanted to give in and change this despicable feature smack in the middle of my face, I also felt this strange attachment and solidarity with my nose. I mean, aside from helping me breathe, it is a link back to my genetic makeup and strongly represents the people from whom I am derived. The ones who manged to escape within an inch of their lives from Hitler’s Nazi Germany- and somehow made it through the grueling nightmares of the Nazi work camps. I am here because of them- and how could I transform a piece of my appearance that would somehow erase that part of my history.

So I politely declined my grandmother’s gracious offer and told her she should use the money to get a boob job– really I did- and she laughed- cause she was a saucy old broad. And now all these years later– with two kids one of whom has been blessed (depending on how you perceive it) with my nose the tradition and our ancestors will live on. And I am also slowly learning and trying to instill in my kids ( and myself)- that SMART BEAUTY is loving every last square inch of your being and celebrating it.

Now it’s your turn. I’m challenging YOU to like yourself today too. Choose three things that you love about yourself physically. Share them in the comments here and/or on your own blog. Be sure to leave a link and link back to me too. Tweet it, facebook it, share it with your community and spread the like yourself love….

Who’s in? And of course if you are ready to love on yourself ( but still just want to TEST the waters of all that is available to you to enhance the beauty you already have without the surgery ) you MUST check out my latest posts at Smart Beauty Guide 


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    You too with the nose? I was offered one as well and considered it, until I found out what it meant. Ouch. For me, I love my height (yet I slouch), I love my fingernails (yet they remain unpainted) and, nice eyes. That took longer than I would’ve liked. Time to stand up straight and hit the nail salon….

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