Single mom dating online…does it ever get any better

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So I’m sitting at the computer wondering how I got to this point in my life? I did everything, my good little girl self was told. I ate my veggies, never talked to strangers and always crossed my legs while sitting. I played by the rules; I got married- by those very same rules. I played house, or tried to for a long time, especially after we had kids. We had that life– that life I was told since I was a little girl was the one I should covet and work towards. And now this life, this picture has faded, and here I am a single mom who spends her nights online looking at pictures of strangers in front of me, trying to weed out just who might be a match and my only thought is… I’m gonna be alone forever!

Where are the single, good looking guys online? Why is everyone hiding behind sunglasses or a huge hat? And what is it with the group shots as your profile pic? Which one Are you?? Are these men hiding a facial deformity that I would NEVER notice in person?

After scrolling through my 200 “matches” ( I say the word matches in quotations as, based on my past experiences,  I wouldn’t dare set up my worst frenemy with one of these potential suitors)  I finally manage to weed out one or two possibilities from this seeming cesspool of single men who apparently all have a predilection for sunsets.

And even as I choose to respond to two of them , in my head, I’m already pleading, “potential date please do not lie about your age or put a pic up from 10 years ago! I WILL notice these discrepancies in person and in doing so you are just wasting my time and yours. ”

I want to believe there is a guy out there who looks exactly like his online picture, because I KNOW I do…. am I insane for wanting or even expecting this?Does it even exist?


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    I have bucket-loads of experience with online dating, although I quit at the end of 2003 because I had met my 3rd husband. Now he’s my 3rd ex-husband, but that’s beside the point.

    Recently I took a look at what had become and discovered the vast majority of the profiles were fakes meant to attract people (men & women) into online scams. I could go on & on about the evidence and my conclusions, but the bottomline is… beware. The person behind the profile might actually be in a foreign country, not your town.

    Note that I said “vast majority.” That was intentional. Those profiles show up as winking at you, wanting to chat with you, and everything else. It’s easy to waste time on such nonsense.

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    You are me, I am you or whatever! I am doing the EXACT same thing these days. I just wrote a post about the screen names of some of the guys online. I have been on the down-low for too long, so I am forcing ,yself to give it a shot. Good luck!


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