Should you tell your spouse when to change his clothes?

By The Sugar Daddy

This is Robert, aka The Sugar Daddy that Melissa writes about all the time. I felt I needed to share a problem we have.

My wife tells me when to change my clothes, and she washes our kids clothes incessantly. I mainly work from home-so I dont need to dress up during the day. I sometimes wear the same hoodie for five days straight. It is usually two layers away from my skin, and I waer my jeans also for five to seven days. My wife wants me to chnage these clothes every two days. My children go to school and wear school uniforms- I do not see any reason why my son can’t waer the same pair of pants for two to three days and my daughter cant wear the same jumper more than once, if they’re not dirty to the eye. What do you think? I think Melissa Washes clothes too often- I may be a little on the dirtier side — so tell me WHAT do you to think?

This is MELISSA: My blog has been HIJACKED by my husband- people PLEASE weigh in!! My husband truly thinks cloting should only be washed, if it has been worn while digging a ditch. Otherwise, just wearing one’s clothing does not warrant their washing. Apparently, according to my dear husband, I am obsessive about cleanliness. So I leave it to you- to offer your opinion on THIS ISSUE THAT IS BURNING UP MY MARRIAGE!


  1. says

    In my house, the roles are (almost) reversed. I will wear my comfy jeans a few times (unless they get dirty) before washing; my husband insists that every piece of clothing gets washed after one wear. Shirts – once. Kids clothes – mostly one wear, but sometimes two, depending on what it is. I think a hoodie and jean “uniform” can be worn twice if no disturbing events have occurred to make them actually dirty.

  2. says

    Oh boy. I was all prepared to jump on hubby’s bandwagon on this one, but… no. Jeans don’t necessarily need to be washed every day, but 5-7 is far too many. Even clothes that don’t LOOK dirty can start to smell funky. Maybe your wife is telling you something… 😉

    We wash our kids clothes after every wearing for the most part. It’s a bit more than necessary on some days, but kids wipe their hands on their pants, sit on floors that clearly aren’t clean, and wipe noses with shirt sleeves. Ick.

  3. Jeannine m says

    Wearing jeans a few days is ok if you are not doing anything “dirty” but 5-7 is a little nasty to me. As for the kids clothes I would change/wash them everyday. Kids wipe noses, hands, firends wipe stuff on them so they get dirty

  4. victoria says

    Hey there, I’m compelled to write my first comment for you. I absolutely believe we in this country are way too obsessed with “clean” and it’s extremely wasteful for our environment and wallets. If it looks dirty or smells…by all means get thee to some soap STAT. But if it’s gently worn and not smelly? Leave it alone!! 😀

  5. Ann says

    I am guilty of wearing a pair of jeans 3 days in a row before getting another pair BUT if it’s hot and I sweat more than say winter when it’s 55 degrees, I’m shivering and I’m just sewing, then I have to change more often. My kids are encouraged to change their jeans every 2-3 days unless they come home from school dirty. Now the question is – with the except of pants, are other clothes getting washed after one wear? Does one shower each day? Everyone here has to shower at night. Period. Clean dunders and socks of course but unless it’s hot, which it isn’t right now, we wear the same pajamas for a week before washing, unless something gets spilled or some other accident happens. 🙂 This is our house though. Each house is different.

  6. Rachel says

    Sorry, I have to side with hubby on this one – if it doesn’t smell, isn’t touching the skin to get sweat stains, or doesn’t have any visible residue on it, why wash it after only one wear? I honestly don’t know anyone that only wears jeans once (or even twice for that matter) or a hoodie only once, etc., in a week. Additionally, by washing excessively you are using unnecessary resources (water, electricity) that could be conserved by being more considerate of the environment – and more realistic in realizing that clothes generally don’t get dirty in one wear. This, of course, is just my opinion, though, and everyone in the world is entitled to their own, as well. 🙂
    Remember: BE GREEN! Every little bit helps 🙂 Choose reusable bags over paper/plastic, too 😉

  7. says

    i’m with rachel. if it doesn’t touch the skin directly and is not dirty it gets worn again. i do think there’s a difference between jeans and sweaters because i feel like sweaters and other garments attract smells much more than jeans. i wear jeans 5-7 times, sometimes even more depending on where i was that day. also, i switch clothes after work so i don’t walk around in the same clothes all day long so i think the outfits are allowed to have a longer body-life.

    as aupair i was shocked to learn that the kids (school age, no sweaty teenagers yet) wore new pj’s every single night. really, how dirty can a child be that puts on the pj’s right after taking a shower at night?

  8. Kimberley Walker says

    I agree with your husband. Not only does it save water…..but it saves on the wear and tear of your clothing. Please….take a hint from him and don’t worry so much about washing all the time!

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