Sex addiction… is it real?

An estimated 1 in every 17 adults claim to have sex addiction and each year thousands seek treatment.

In my humble opinion- it has become something politicians and celebrities have thrown around to make themselves less vulnerable- as opposed to what their behavior really is; exercising poor judgment and accepting blame for being a nasty MOFO.

Apparently sex addiction is a real disease- it’s like an intense compulsion- says Dr. Laura Berman. It’s a by-product of low self esteem- one’s ego needing constant feedback-(as in Anthony Weiner sending twenty-somethings pics of his naked body and asking for reassurance that these women thought he was sexy or Arnold Schwarzenegger impregnating his housekeeper of many years while simultaneously impregnating his own wife).

I’ll be honest- the thought of random sexting, exchanges of pictures, titillating chatter– is just taking your flirting to the next level. Cyber cheating- sexting uncontrollably well it’s not so much a compulsion or addiction as a need to have your ego stroked in a way that your day-in-day out partner will never be able to achieve unless you whip out the French maid costume, cans of whipped cream and role-play, 24/7.

I asked my husband why married men LOVE to engage in these online sex addict-like behaviors- and then immediately laid down the law and explained to him that under no circumstances would “chatting, sexting or sending pictures of his male parts to random women on the Internet ever be tolerated.

I asked him, “Why do men think it’s OK to sext and cheat online?” And this is what he said, “Because it’s forbidden, it’s exciting, it’s the idea that you’re doing something without any physical consequences. You can’t get someone pregnant or catch a venereal disease via a text or tweet.”

And really in my opinion that’s just the coward’s way out. If you feel the need for a thrill, you want to be with someone else … don’t sneak around — tell your spouse you’re unhappy and take a leave of absence from your marriage… am I right?

Do I buy that one needs to check into a facility, to control it?  Do you?


  1. Jess says

    I have an account on an online dating website and got talking to a guy who I later found out was married. (Not my intention, I’m strict about not seeing attached men.) But in the time I regularly spoke with him, he would casually tell me about random hook ups he had, the number was probably about ten different women. If that’s not some sort of compulsion/obsession, I don’t know what is.

  2. says

    Sex addiction is just another psycho word made up by shrinks. More psycho issues, more more patients for them (just my opinion).

    I don’t believe it’s real, seriously.

    And I agree with you about the lousy, lame excuse on why some men like sneaking around through sexting and chatting. There’s a thousand and one ways to put some spice with the same person over and over and over… They just have to be creative and convincing.

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