Preserving memories of My Daddy

Since my father’s passing, it’s been hard to fathom that for 38 years he was a living breathing integral part of my life. It’s hard to articulate how you can physically touch, hug, kiss and see this person one day and then in an instant they cease to exist.

It is the most aching hollow feeling- knowing that I will never be in the flesh and blood presence of my father- and even writing this- some very small part of me- doesn’t really want to believe it. I don’t truly want to wrap my head around the fact that I will never hold his face in my hands, I will never hear his sweet, melodious voice and I will never see my kids jumping into his forever outstretched arms.

This year the holidays without my dad will be brutal. So of course I am grateful for any tangible memories of him- and thankfully we’ve got lots of those- pictures, videos that I am adamant about displaying and viewing because I cant bear the thought of my kids growing up and forgetting this man who truly lived (beyond the time we were convinced he was divinely allotted)so that he could see these grand children and make the indelible marks on who they’d ultimately grow up to be.
So of course, more than ever- I am a bit maniacal about preserving memories in the form of home movies and/or photos. and that’s a big reason I wanted to work with Yes Video

Not only do VHS tapes start to fade over time but most of us have several VHS tapes sitting on a shelf, unaware of what’s even on them.The great thing about YesVideo is you can send them in for a transfer and then edit online and order DVDs later. YesVideo will transfer your old media (VHS tapes, slides, 8MM video, photos, etc) and even new media (digital, SD cards, etc) to DVDs or HD quality to Blu-Ray. It’s a fab way to see what you truly have captured on video in the past and organize your home movies.

And because I adore you married my sugar daddy readers YesVideo has provided me with the opportunity to share coupon code TRANSFER15 with my readers so you can save 15% off your entire order. (Only good for online orders at ) And through November 22nd YesVideo is hosting a giveaway for a chance to win a $100 transfer service coupon. The Fall Photo Contest hosted on Facebook is super simple to enter by sharing your favorite Fall photo. No voting or judging will take place. YesVideo will use to select a winner.

So of course my plan is to start going though these old VHS tapes and transferring them via YesVideo …because I can’t bear the thought of my kids being without my dad– in some way, shape or form.

# YesVideo provided compensation for my time but all opinions are my own.

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