On why my husband HATES the Bachelor

My husband ABHORS any type of reality show and being the COMPLETE POLAR opposites that we are, of course I am GAGA for them, I pour over their every detail, I get emotionally invested in their unreality and I speculate about their off camera lives. It’s true I live for these shows. My husband, not so much. So this week I try to unmask his complete disdain for the newest Bachelor Sean and his quest for love.


ME: So really honey why don’t you like this show?

The husband: It’s too fluffy, it’s an unreal situation that  people think they can know a person in this situation. It’s a girly girl show.

ME: What do you mean by that?

The husband: That doesn’t need further explanation- you just know it when you see it. It’s not real life taking people to an island and going on a date is not real life.  And why would I want to watch people on dates.

 ME: But don’t you want to see people fall in love?

 Husband: No.

 ME: Why?

Husband:  It doesnt interest me. Im sure it’s just women who are addicted to this-and I don’t have the same interests as young women. Trust me, men are not watching this show.

ME: But I like this show- don’t you want to have the same interests I have?

Husband: Why do I have to share your interests in a show that I don’t like- it’s like the Real Housewives. You like these kinds of shows I don’t like a reality/ dramedy. It’s very slow. These dates aren’t real life situations. It takes a long time to get to know someone. You need to see people in bad situations also- these are all island paradises.

ME: So marriage with me isn’t like living on an island paradise?

Husband: Real life has nothing to do with these dates.

ME: But we got engaged after four months.

Husband: We lived together for a year and a half after that before we got married so technically we could have backed out.

ME: What made you not back out?

Husband: I liked you, I liked our life together, you try .

HMM…so what can we glean from this blog post; my husband loves me because I try, to which I say, what am I the little freakin engine that could?! Reality shows are essentially for girly girls;  real life doesn’t  include a tropical island, after we got engaged he spent the next year and half with an I can back out of this if I need to safety net, apparently he’s seen me in ENOUGH bad situations to know that he can handle being married to me, and he STILL hates the Bachelor.


  1. says

    I love the Bachelor–such silly, brainless fun. I get swept up in it every time and am somehow horrified and surprised anew when the relationships don’t work out…yet again. My husband does a 180 and runs out of the room if he sees it on tv…;)

  2. JENN says

    Ughhh … I really hate all this stereotyping.

    My co-worker LOVES reality television and he’s a straight man. He doesn’t watch the Bachelor, but he has watched other reality dating shows like the one that was hosted by Jenny McCarthy.

    On the other hand, I HATE HATE HATE The Bachelor / The Bachelorette. Everything is so cheesy / corny / fake / staged / pressured. I would be mortified if I was kissing a man or sharing my most personal feelings with a camera in our faces. It’s all so phoney.

    Everybody is different, you can’t say women like this and men like that. It’s not that simple – especially with the younger generation.

    Younger people tend to be less strict about gender roles which is why so many girls in college and high school play video games and why the romantic film “The Notebook” was such a hit with young men.

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