On why my husband has no desire to ogle the Hooters Calendar girls

Writing a blog called Married my sugar daddy I get invited to many titillating –to put it mildly– events. And while my husband was certainly ready to accompany me to the PORN STARS awards show- his recent revelation when I asked if he’d like to accompany me to the Hooter’s Calendar girls fete- has me slightly puzzled.

Let’s break it down shall we…

The Husband:
“I have no desire to see pretty women that I can’t have. Why do I need to see pretty women I have you”.

That’s guy speak for: Where does it get me-it doesn’t get me anything- I can’t have these women, so why pay the toll to cross the bridge and parking to see these women.”

Me; the wife: “But Honey don’t all guys just want to be around beautiful women, even if they know they can only look but not touch?”

The husband:
“It’s not that I’m not interested in beautiful women- but what’s in it for me?”

That’s Man Speak for “Honey it’s not like you’re going to give me the keys to a hotel room and your blessing to get it on with a Hooters girl, there’s no way you’d allow anyone within even 10 feet of my lap so really honey why would you even ask me to go?”

Me, the wife: “Wait are you saying that you’d get a lap dance if I told you, you could?!”

The Husband:
“I’m married, I’m so passed that- it doesn’t make me want you anymore which is what my goal is- to be dedicated to you.”

That’s husband speak for, “You’re my wife, you’re the only one I’m interested in, if I feel the need to be interested in someone else- then Houston we’ve got a problem. ”

Me the wife: So why do men frequent strip clubs and why aren’t you interested?

The husband:
“Some men are still looking for attention from pretty women, even if those women are being paid to give them attention. I don’t like to pay for things.”

That’s my husband…


  1. Danielle says

    OMG, Melissa – this is one of your FUNNIEST posts ever. And quite frankly…YOU could have been in that calendar!

  2. Sheila says

    Like my husband told the guys at work when they were talking about a girl who was walking around the store. “Yeah she’s alright. But SO not worth risking what I have at home. I’ve got it better than THAT!”

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