Office romances can be very awkward…especially when you are married so why would the Co-founder of Google risk it?

Titan of Technology Google co-founder has found himself embroiled in a steamy hot mess of a love triangle. According to a report in Business Week  “Google  Co-Founder Sergey Brin Splits With Wife Anne Wojcicki. The couple has been married for six years and has two young children.” While it would seem that this is an average garden variety split– you need to keep reading the post which then goes on to say, “The news was first reported by the technology news site AllThingsD, which said Brin is now in a romantic relationship with another Google employee.”

Office romances can be very awkward...especially when you are married

Forget the fact that Brin STARTED Google in his sister-in-law’s garage. Forget the fact that Brin and his now estranged wife essentially created this empire from the ground floor up together. Forget all these facts– let’s just break it down to its most basest element– WHY would a married man Sh*T where he eats? PERIOD.At my first job out of college I worked at a publication with 10 other woman. Our boss was a middle-aged friendly, happily married man who smiled , regularly bought us all lunch and had an office brimming with pictures of what appeared to be a doting wife and two doe-eyed toothless grinning toddler boys. He seemed incredibly committed to growing our publication and working with each of us to strategize as to how we could make his dreams as a publisher a reality, while encouraging us to exercise out indicvidual potential. In short he was a really great boss. I liked him alot. And apparently so did one of my co-workers- who was an early twenty-something single girl who over a short period of time began to spend an inordinate amoint of time in his offcie with the door closed and the sahdes drawn.  To his and her credit I never suspected anyhting other than the fact that they were working really closely on some in-depth feature pieces that demanded they spend a lot of time together revieing and reworking.

And then it began- that quiet office chatter that started as a whisper and grew into a LOUD ROAR. This sweet,  dear VERY married man whose wife and sons came to visit the offcie on a regular basis and who looked at this twenty-something co-worker as just another one of their husband’s protegees who would usually amuse his son’s while they scampered about the office with some chocolate and bounces on her knee ( seriously YOU CAN:”T imagine what a great baby sitter she was to those kids- while I looked on thinking- oh what a BROWN NOSER ) was VERY much involved with our boss in a very biblical sense. They were sleeping together- taking business trips together- and yes my boss was still VERY VERY married to a really pretty albeit fairly older woman. Honestly, what confounded me most about my boss and co-worker’s less than surreptitious affair is this: If my boss was UNHAPPY in his marriage, why not separate and THEN have a relationship with a co-worker/ or in this case an underling? (who I forgot to mention during the course of their office romance was promoted). Which brings me back to Sergey Brin, a man who has TOUTED the morality factor of Google and its company and has oh so violated all morality codes by shacking up with a twenty-something co-worker. ( did I mention his wife is 40?)

Perhaps it MIGHT have been wise for Sergey to HEED the words of  his CEO, Eric Schmidt’s advice on privacy when he reported to the press, over raised user privacy concerns, that ‘if you don’t want people finding out what you do it is best that you don’t do it in the first place’.

So why… why do men risk it all?


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