Not sure what to get your wife, lover or girlfriend for her birthday? We have 4 fruity fragrances they will all go gaga for and we are giving them all away!

Congrats to our winner Alison!

Let’s face it- buying a gift for the woman in your life is NOT AS EASY as it sounds. In fact, most gifts are bound to put you in the dog house.

Case in point:

Buy your lady a Blender- and she thinks that is code word for MAKE ME A SMOOTHIE, take care of me, cater to me, when perhaps you bought her that blender because you know she loves to drink smoothies.

Buy your lady a vacuum and she thinks that is code word for CLEAN OUR HOUSE, when really all you wanted was to get her a tricked out vacuum with all the bells and whistles.

Buy your lady some lingerie and she thinks that is code word for HAVE SEX WITH ME RIGHT NOW, when perhaps all you wanted was to get her something that would make her feel sexy and beautiful ( oh and if you buy a size too small- well- LET’s NOT EVEN GO THERE!)

Bottom line: There are few gifts you can get your lady that will illicit NOTHING MORE than pure unadulterated joy… and one of those is a bottle of perfume. That’s right because perfume is simply all about the woman who receives it. It is a luxury that is JUST for her, and on her birthday  that’s what all women want! So lavish your lady in the luxury she deserves  and quench her thirst for a new fragrance with a fruity twist. From exotic Dragonfruit to refreshing Lime, here are some summer scents that will keep her energized and refreshed in the peak of heat.


 GUESS GIRL is a playful, feminine fragrance that has citrus notes of Raspberry Nectar, Melon and Bergamot Mist.


BEYONCE MIDNIGHT HEAT is a tempting, sexy scent that features juicy top notes of Dragonfruit, Starfruit and Armenian Plum.


LADY GAGA FAME goes beyond the black-to-clear fluid – the fragrance evolves to a sensual accord of opulence with a fusion of Dripping Honey and Apricot Nectar.


NAUTICA AQUA RISH GOLD is for the male that embodies nautical adventure. This fragrance features fresh bursts of Citrus and Lime.

.For a chance to win ALL FOUR of these fruity fragrances Leave a comment here with the worst birthday gift you ever got! For a chance to win them all leave a comment here with one of your must-have summer beauty products! For a second entry you can Follow @MelissaSChapman on Twitter and Retweet this giveaway! For a Third entry you can Like  Married my sugar daddy on facebook!  For a fourth entry you can follow MelissaSChapmanwriter on Instagram and for a fifth entry you can follow @MelissaSchapman on Pinterest Good luck! Giveaway ends July 6th!


  1. Liza Glick says

    I actually did get a vacuum once from my then-boyfriend, now husband. He STILL doesn’t get what was so wrong with it 😉

  2. says

    i dont think i have ever had a really bad birthday present. but for christmas my aunt gave me a cd of the isley brothers and never knew who they were. i do most of these. want the lady gaga perfume!

  3. Olivia Rubin says

    My biological father gave me a personalized birthstone with my sister’s name. Yeah, hence that is why I say biological!

    • Olivia Rubin says

      Not sure what question we are supposed to answer…must have summer product is Neutrogena Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15

  4. Rachel says

    Worst birthday gift I ever got was a birthday card signed by major political figures (Janet Reno, Bill Clinton) when my parents were in DC for my birthday. It would be cool now, but I was 6.

  5. kelly mcgrew says

    the worst one i ever got was a long nightgown from my grandmother with butterflies on it for my 18th birthday! but shes so cute it doesnt even matter!

  6. Angela says

    I once got a pair of earrings that turned my ears gray after wearing them once. My must have summer products are my physicians formula bb cream and my coral milani blush. I follow you on Twitter, pinterest, fb and instagram.

  7. Lauren Becker says

    I can’t think of a worst birthday gift. I tend to get pretty nice things. I used to get the same type of beauty stuff every single year though so that wasn’t very exciting. This year, I barely got anything from a friend this year because she spent so much last year. It’s bad because she told me HOW much she spent and basically made it sound like I should feel bad…or whatever. haha

  8. Barbara Blanton says

    I can’t think of a bad gift I have gotten but my husband once got a broken model plane from his grandparents they find in the trash.

  9. wendy wallach says

    worst birthday gift was a regifted piece of lingerie with the original card to the original recipient still included!

  10. courtney hennagir says

    i once got a bunch of lotions from the dollar was a nice thought but they made me break out in a horrible itchy rash that lasted for a week. also,my must have beauty product is moisturizer with spf.

  11. Mary Beth Elderton says

    A Crazy Cat Lady action figure with tiny cats to throw. I am not creative enough to have made that up…but my son is creative enough to have found it. He is a doctor now. smh. 😀

  12. Ronda says

    The worst gift I ever got was nothing from my husband. This is one thing he always seems to forget. I bet he forgets again later this month.

  13. says

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