Not a wine expert? Me neither but I’m a lover and am giving away a one month subscription to the California Wine club!

Congrats to our winner Dusty Earth Mother!

I really know nothing about wine. What I do know is gleaned from TV sitcoms; a waiter usually pops open a bottle, and pours it into a glass and allows the patron to take a whiff as she swirls it in her goblet and then a sip. I’ve done that sort of thing in real life- and well I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing- but I do know one thing for sure. I. LOVE. WINE. I love the way it compliments a really great plate of pasta or makes a succulent steak taste that much more juicy.

I also love the buzz it grants me- not a banging, need someone to hold my hair behind my head so I can wretch in a toilet buzz, just a nice, warm fuzzy feeling that makes all the sharp edges of the day sort of fade away- and for those moments its got me firmly in its grasp, the wine makes all seem right with the world (like who cares if I step on that tiny Lego guy for the 30th time that day- I’m drinking wine and – now it just seems like a cute thing my son has forgotten to do.. right?!)

So of course I was DELIGHTED when my favorite mama MOMMY NIRI asked if I might be interested in working and “taste testing ” wines care of the California Wine Club’s Premier Club. Well I just got my first shipment of two wines a Perry Winery Zinman Zinfandel and a Perry Creek Winery El Dorado Chardonnay care of the California Wine Club’s Premier Club and here’s my initial reaction:

#1 GOSH DARN I was pretty excited to get the wine delivered to my house–handpicked for my consumption, because not being a wine expert I NEVER know what types to buy-but really want to be adventurous and test out different ones- so this club is actually the perfect platform, for me to get busy! And what I really adore is that one of the goals of the California Wine Club’s Premier Club is to take the “stuffy” out of wine! It is a fun product and I think the critics make it too intimidating.

#2 I love that the California Wine Club is really interested in helping me navigate the world of wine ( and making it anything but scary! They’re super active in social media -just check out theirfacebook page– A HUGE PLUS – and they sent me two different types of wine-along with their very cool magazine Uncorked.

And now the best part Married my sugar daddy readers will receive A special 10% discount on every gift order they place just enter the promo code “marriedmysugardaddy” If you want to try the wines yourself and sign up for a monthly delivery, that code will get you an extra bottle of wine on your first shipment. Free wine?!

And if that weren’t enough I am giving away a one-month subscription to The California Wine Club premier club-I know- imagine getting handpicked bottles of wine delivered to your door!For a chance to snag this FREE one-month subscription to The California Wine Club premier club leave a comment here with your favorite wine and why(Because this mama always needs a GOOD bottle of wine!). For a second entry you can like Married my sugar daddy on facebook. For a third entry you can follow Madijack on Twitter and retweet this giveaway. For a fourth entry you can follow the @cawineclub @boringwineguy on twitter.

Good luck! Giveaway ends October 16th at midnight EST


  1. hj says

    I like red wines, I know that– Pinot Noir and Syrah are good. To be honest I buy most of my wine at Trader Joe’s. I got one from there the other day called Three Knights that was really good. I would recommend it.

  2. James says

    Ive been obsessed with Big Fire’s pino gris. Complicated mama and I had a bottle of it at a restaurant in NYC 3 years ago and I have not been able to find it since! I’ve even tried to order it from their website but apparently it’s illegal to ship wine to NJ. Oh well.

  3. says

    My favorite wine is St. Francis Cabernet, 2007. Any of the St. Francis reds are EXCELLENT. Coming from Sonoma County, CA and….frankly just being a mom and getting through my days….I know a lot on this subject. 😉

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