Need a few New year’s resolutions? Feel free to borrow a few of mine

Let’s get real here for a second—is there any single one of us who has actually followed through with our life altering, I’m really going to do this in the new year resolutions past January 30th?

Well I’ll be honest—I haven’t.. it’s not that I’m not capable of committing and following through- heck, when I got that gift basket of chocolate for the holidays I was determined to finish every last confection and by George I can proudly say that I completed that task. I left no wrapper unwrapped, no ribbon untied and no box unopened.

So you see I really can follow through with resolutions. It’s just the truly significant- life- altering ones that somehow always manage to throw me for a loop…loop…like my husband deciding to hang up his stethoscope for good , trying not to stir the pot with my in-laws too much (fail) getting back to my wedding gown weight and of course languishing in moments of sweet reflection here … finally a check ( I hope).

So where does that leave me as I look to cooking up my resolutions for 2011? I think finally, as I head into my 38th year on this glorious planet of ours ( not 39 just yet- still sweetly 38) I am learning that plans and goals are just that… they’re not set in stone; they’re ephemeral and simply fabricated to keep every single one of us from laying in bed all day watching marathon episodes of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker and therefore if you break them life will undoubtedly continue and give you another shot at achieving them.

Still if this post is leaving you unsatisfied and clamoring for those much touted resolutions here are mine in a nutshell- care of the brilliant musician who just so happened to live in Staten Island for a brief period; Ingrid Michaelson… “Our lives are brief. tell someone you love them. cry. eat good food. make something that you are proud of. live your life with big joy.”


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    We enjoyed your article. We have been preaching about NY’ers resolutions being designed to fail for a long time. We’ve discovered that by planning small steps, the bigger ones are much easier. We just wrote about it. Let us know what you think! thanks, Karen and Pam, The 52 Weeks