My sitdown with the Grand Dame of literature; Anna Quindlen

Last week, the morning before ALL HELL broke loose I had the exquisite honor of enjoying a frittata and coffee, while sitting next to one of my literary heroines…the quintessential columnist, author and original mommy blogger, Ms. Anna Quindlen.

I’ll be honest having penned such luscious, gnaw at your heartstrings depictions of the fragility of life and our tenuous human relationships with such finesse,I was expecting a woman, who might’ve been a bit of a snob.

And boy was I so off the mark on that one.

 Ms. Quindlen’s earth mother essence seemed to emanate from every last bit of her and she wanted nothing more than to break bread and really listen to and share both hers and our experiences as women, mothers, wives and professionals.

 Did I mention that I also got to hang out with the lovely Mom 101, The LilBee, Moms and the City, Pari Chang and  Ms. Quindlen’s faboosh Random House publicist Kate Childs too?!

I think there were moments, during  breakfast, that I almost felt my soul hover over my body and the table, hearing Ms. Quindlen admit that she shares the same anxieties and guilt  that we all do, that the balnce we are all so ferevently in search of – is unattainable…and that it’s all OK.

I also loved that she refers to her sons, as ” DUDE” and that her expereinces with her teenagers were far more flattering a picture than I’ve ever heard painted by other parents in the same boat. It seems that she has found a way to give her kids their set of wings- and yet still hold them so utterly close and dear ( something I am determiend to do as well). And what I found more fascinating was that her fictional chacters spring from her imagination ( which is why she will be an eternal goddess to me.. to be able to construct such mutli-layered characters- without having to do hands-on intense , travel cross the country, in-depth interveiws is one of the rarest of talents).

She spoke briefly about her latest book, Every Last One, which is now available in paperback and well, I don’t really want to give away any intimate details, because I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you- but once again she’s managed to bring to life characters I could feel, see hear and touch- with such indelible nuances.

Being in her presence, hearing how she hones her craft, how she feels about her kids, and her hearty laugh, well it’s infectious and luckily you too, may just get the same opportuntiy I did… KEEP READING!

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So tell me if you could have breakfast with your favorite author-who would it be?

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