My husband the manny….how did this happen?!

When I met my husband I’m not sure he had ever in his 38 years even held a baby- without looking very confused and uncomfortable at having a squirmy human in his personal space. I am convinced there is a reason why his chose Nephrology as his specialty as opposed to pediatrics (but I digress).

He was not the warm and fuzzy- let me hold a baby type- and I knew this going into our marriage— I mean how many men are expert diaper changers and would volunteer to read books and lay on the floor creating superheroes out of Legos or sluttifying Barbie dolls?

( I on the other hand am an EXPERT at sluttifying Barbie- but that’s another post!)

Fast forward 14 years together and our lives have flipped–he has redefined his life’s expectations in a very extreme way- as in- despite having gone to school for an additional ten years after college- and paying off exorbitant Loans, he has pretty much sworn off ever checking another blood test, dialyzing a patient at 1am or talking about urine. Personally I always wondered why he didn’t go the dermatology specialty route — popping zits is FAR Less depressing than dialysis not to mention those 1 am emergency calls are practically nil.

Well since he’s decided to hand up his stethescope for good ( and give my kids his trusted white doctor’s coat to play dress up in) he’s slowly begun picking up the kid slack… without me asking him too. He’s making breakfasts, dinners, doing homework, picking out outfits, reading books, braiding hair, watching episodes of Zach and Cody till his eyes begin to bleed in other words he’s become a full fledged MANNY.

In other words there are no guarantees in marriage- it’s a never ending shifting of roles, responsibilities, stretching re-imagining and yes ever changing. No matter who you marry and how set in stone they seem on that altar ( or in my case under that flowered chuppah) life happens. No matter how much you attempt to control- in my case- ask my husband endlessly how he could just walk away from the ability to make money- I never could amass even if I hooked on street corners 24/7–ok wait come to think of it…) the people you transform into while your marriage unfolds is often out of your control. In my case my husband went from double board certified Nephrologist/Internist to Manny….

Anyone else have an interesting tale to share about the changes their spouse has under gone since getting hitched? I’d love to hear them– cause you know MISERY LOVES COMPANY. I kid! And like the photo says LOVE NEVER GIVES UP, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance…

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