My marital resolution for 2013- don’t sweat the small stuff

It’s December 3,  2012– and, like me, you probably have a list of lofty resolutions, blah, blah, blah. Well I’m here to tell you- it’s all about BABY STEPS.

the hubster and I

Marriage like every other relationship requires work, sacrifice and a willingness to let go of the smaller things that irk you and focus on the big picture- which for me is not just staying married but happily married. (CUZ we all know those couples who sit across a restaurant booth from one another and look like they are in both a literal and figurative prison. And as g-d as my witness if you ever catch me in such a predicament I give you FULL discretion to get up and call me out!)

So today’s marital resolution for 2013… don’t sweat the small stuff…and of course the word small is quite subjective and it could mean different things to many people. So think of small as something that, if it happens- when you see yourself 25 years from today- will it still hold any weight, impact the life you’ve created and the marriage you’re still in? If the answer is a resounding no- then just LET IT GO…

I know easier said then done, still worth a shot- no?!

So what are some of the small things you won’t be sweating this 2013 in your marriage…


  1. Karen Medlin says

    You make a adorable couple, have to get the hubby to get a photo of us together, been years that he has been behind the camera. I think I am still on the honeymoon phase, we both aged over the years,(him less hair, me a few extra pounds) but in my eyes he still looks the same as he did 32 yrs ago.He still manages to make me laugh with his quirky sense of humor, when he kisses me I still melt these days. I know we have our hands full raising another generation of kids, but will not trade him for another. Making a new year resolution would be a nice way to reconnect, and do something positive in a marriage.. Thanks for sharing.

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