Is there any more timeless Mother’s day gift than a painting?! Well I’m GIVING one away!

Congrats to our winner Pauline Milner!

I am OBSESSED with paintings, to the point of having  shelled out a pretty penny for certain water colors and oil paintings, that I simply NEEDED to have. My husband unfortunately does not share my affinity for these majestic creations (did I mention he was color blind and is fine living with a black and white no remote TV?!)

In any event gifting someone you love, as in the woman who mothered you, is one of those timeless ways to convey your feelings  for her. Unlike a piece of candy, flowers or a plant ( cuz you know most of us cannot maintain said plant for longer than three months if that long) a painting is a treasure that will adorn the space of your bleoved mama for the rest of her days. And whenever she glances at it  she will be hard pressed not to be instantly reminded of the love you have for her ( and don’t we all want our mothers to CONSTANTLY be reminded that we adore them?!)

So when the  good folks at, which features handmade oil painting reproductions, asked me if I’d be inclined to do a giveaway of one of their paintings, one look at the three oils below, which truly celebrate the amazing gift of motherhood and the role of mothers had me utterly convinced. These three paintings manage to  capture the beauty and tenderness in the relationship between a mother and a child and will speak volumes to the recipient about the fact that you recognize what a wonderful mom she is.   

“Maternity,” Pablo Picasso – This stunning oil painting was originally created in 1905, during Picasso’s rose period. Paintings from the rose period are characterized by a more cheery style with orange and pink colors, which is evident in this painting depicting the intimate bond of mother and child. A 20” x 24” hand painted canvas of this masterpiece is available for $129 at 

“Maternity by the Sea,” Pablo Picasso – This famous painting was originally created in 1902, during Picasso’s blue period. A mother holding her child against her chest are the subject of the painting, which was rendered in shades of blue and blue-green. A 20” x 24” hand painted canvas of this painting is available for $129 at


“Madame Monet and her Son,” Claude Monet – This masterpiece, originally painted in 1875, depicts Monet’s first wife Claude and their eldest son, Jean. A 20” x 24” hand painted canvas of this work of art is available for $119 at

And , in case you are not the lucky winner of our giveaway is offering a  Mother’s Day Discount: From now through Sunday, May 8, 2011, is offering a discount of 40% off oil paintings featured in the Mother’s Day gallery (does not include frames or pre-framed paintings), just use the coupon code ARTFORMOM at checkout. Visit the gallery at to scope out even more fine art fitting for gifts for mom.  

So just how can you nab one of these three beautiful paintings for the mama in your life? (winner gets to choose one of the three)Leave a comment here about the best and or worst Mother’s day gift you’ve gotten and or given. For a second entry you can follow me on Twitter as Madijack and for a third entry you can LIKE Married My Sugar Daddy on facebook. Giveaway ends Thursday April 28th..GOOD LUCK!


  1. says

    The best Mother's Day gift was when my daughter adorned me with a macaroni necklace, then gave me a framed picture of her & me from a Mommy's Day" from school. The worst? I can't think of one.

  2. courtney says

    i gave my mom a HORRIBLE cd a couple years ago. LOL I thought it was the one she wanted and it turned out to be a bad karaoke version!

  3. Christine says

    My best Mother's Day present was a handwritten note from my small son telling me that he and his Dad had given our dog a bath and taken him for a walk so I could just relax. I still have it and it is precious. Thank you!

  4. says

    I adore the 1st one, Picasso's Maternity. It totally reminds me of nursing my girls. I love it. The worst gift I ever got,my 2nd Mother's Day,I was days away from delivering our 2nd,my husband spent Mother's day out of town at his brother's graduation. The best gift thus far? Last year the Big Guy and our girls gave put a huge English flower garden in for me.

  5. Pauline Milner says

    My best Mother's Day Present was from our Son when he was 5 years old.

    He had gone shopping with his Dad, but he wanted to make me something.

    Skyler found a sock that did not have a match and he made it into a hand puppet all by himself. He used our abundance of materials at our craft table and attached buttons for the eyes. He made a nose out of a tiny pom pom and the mouth out of sparkles.

    We named him Joe the Sock and I still have it displayed proudly on my dresser.

    I was so happy with his gift that I cried. Something I rarely do.

    We are blessed to have such a wonderful Son.

  6. ashley says

    Last year my 15 year old son & I were in Disneyland for Mother's day – he bought me lunch, and took me on all my favorite kiddie rides with no complaints. It was a perfect day.

  7. Kristy T says

    This is actually my first mother's day, so I don't have a best and worst yet. Hopefully I can still enter! :) Thanks for hosting a great contest!

  8. Heather Garcia says

    have not recieved many as my husband says i am not his mother lol but a couple yrs ago my children did purchase me a beautiful necklace that said MOM

  9. Katie S. says

    The worst gift I ever gave was a 2 for 1 coupon to see the ice capades (which I really wanted to go to… though to be fair, I was like 6 at the time). The best gift I ever got was a weekend away for some alone time without hubby and son (though to be fair I missed them both after the first night).

  10. Debbie Kennedy says

    My best mother's day gift is one my daughter made. It was a huge flower with her picture in the middle. Attached to the flower was a package of sunflower seeds for us to plant together in the garden.

  11. Marco says

    The worst gift I gave was when I was about six or seven. I cut out a Mother's Day sentiment from the back of a comic book and pasted it on a piece of paper. That was it…but I wasn't that "smart" back in those days. P.S. I like the Monet.

  12. Laura Emerson says

    My best gift for Mother's Day was my daughter coming home from the hospital. She was 2 months premature and released on Mother's Day. It was also the best day day of my life.

  13. sarah says

    My best/favorite Mother's Day gifts have been the years my kiddos serve me a horrible, but thoughtful, breakfast in bed. When they were really little, a whole bowl of milk/cereal was absorbed by my pillow.

  14. Erica G says

    The best git was a Nikon D3000. The worst was nothing. I was a brand new mother when my first mother's day came around. I think we were so caught up in our new baby, we orgot about everything else. Wait, I change my answer…THAT was the best gift.

  15. R Hicks says

    I think a kitchen balance that I gave my Mom a few years ago was pretty bad !

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  16. says

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