Is married sex really the best sex?

I’ve been married for 16 years, which means I’ve technically been having sex with the same person for 16 years (if my mother is reading this I was a virgin before I got married). And while popular culture portrays married sex as perfunctory, stale and usually in the missionary position with a wife who often just rolls over to take one for the team–as a married lady I beg to differ.

Is married sex really the best sex?
Married sex with someone you love, someone you have committed yourself to legally, morally, spiritually and physically is unlike any other kind of sexual relationship. Sex with your spouse binds you in ways that are hard to articulate.

It’s a product of your devotion to one another and the knowledge that with this person you are safe and loved unconditionally. Sex with someone with whom you’ve created a home, shared in the raising of kids, paid the bills, and with someone who you can rouse at one am in the morning when you can’t sleep because your mind is racing with a myriad of thoughts is soothing. Sex with your spouse; this person you posed next to in your wedding picture beaming and flush with uncertainty of  how it would all unfold and fast forward 16 years later and you’re both still standing, clasping hands at the most insignificant moments just because you can- is like magic. Ultimately sex with your spouse- in whose eyes you see the best parts of yourself and this tiny piece of the world you’ve carved out – well it’s like coming home.

But am I the only married lady who thinks married sex rocks?!

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