Is Facebook RUINING your marriage?

Is Facebook RUINING your marriage? According to this study: Facebook Ruins Relationships  I’m going to venture and say; I THINK they might be onto something.

Is Facebook RUINING your marriage?

Some might say my husband was my rebound relationship as I met him about a month after breaking things off with a man who just wasn’t right for me. And while he wasn’t right for me, we were together for a long time and it took me a while to get him out of my system.  Regardless, when I met my husband, I instantly knew he was the man I would marry. We were engaged after four months and Mr. Wrong was completely out of the picture once my husband came along.

There is something so naughty about reconnecting with exes on Facebook; getting that opportunity to see how they fared without you, seeing what they look like and yes, sometimes to even confirm that you are better off without them.  It all begins with a friend request. A few casual comments here and there can’t hurt, can they? In my case, the comments quickly turned into provocative and personal questions about my marriage and then ultimately a request to meet for drinks. Long story short, I un-friended him, FAST.

Nothing good came out of my Facebook friendship with my ex, but I know plenty of women who remain friends online AND offline with their former beaus. So much so that they go on double dates together with their new respective love interests. What about you–are you for or against being friends with an ex on Facebook?

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