Inside the mind of the Man: 9 Things Men REALLY Think About Women–According to this guest on Bethenny

I always find it very informative to see a guy perched on a stool, in a room fill of women, telling them exactly what they DON’T want to hear. Spewing the classic male chauvinism with a side of snark. It’s television gold for producers especially during November’s SWEEPS. Get a man who wants publicity and send him out for the slaughter Ancient Roman style– and while this guy proved to regurgitate many stereotypes that are hard to swallow- he also made some interesting points that are at least (I thought) worth sharing.
9 Things Men REALLY Think About Women #marriedmysugardaddy
So here are –9 Things Men REALLY Think About Women–insight into the mind of men– women READ UP!
#1 Do looks really matter: Most women won’t  date a guy who is 5′ 6″ unless he is  Tom Cruise ; women want a guy over 6 foot one. For women- men become more attractive– when a man walks in a room and he has confidence and swag that is attractive.
#2 The Thing men want: women who are physically fit when it comes to weight– men aren’t going to approach women who are obese unless they have a fetish for it.
# 3 The particles move throughout a relationship– should a man love a woman a little more– both should love more at one point. the man loves more and at one point the woman loves more (Bethany interjected this: a man needs to love a woman more- so that you feel you have them locked in and they won’t stray) Or you have an equal relatonship she loves money and he loves bimbos.
#4 On first date don’t ask questions about his failures– ask about posiutive exciting things– don’t ask why his relationship broke up- ask about his dreams his passions.
#5 A man’s dirty nails are an indication of who they are an if a woman is obese- a man doesn’t want her- because that is an indication of who she is.
#6 More than anything men are attracted to a youthful spirit age is just a number.
#7 Men are simple creatures if you lay it out for them.  If you feel awkward asking a guy out-  say, there’s a great coffee shop around the corner- we should check it out and if they are interested they will make it happen.
#8 Courtship is dead it is an old school throwback mentality. Chemistry is instant and  after that develops then you court and develop the relationship; you have to light the flame then you can temper the flame and turn it up and down.
#9 Your vibe is everything- just go out and have a good time. If women put out there there that they want to get married- men can smell it in the wwater and they will run.
So is this guy TOTALLY off the mark- or does he make some valid points?

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