If your spouse cheated would you want to know EVERY SINGLE DETAIL?

This weekend a college acquaintance of mine, who happens to read this blog, messaged me that she just found out her husband was having an affair. After the initial shock she said she NEEDED to know all the lurid details, and implored her husband to answer every single one of her questions in regards to the woman he slept with outside of their marriage. She even admitted that she is INTENT on meeting this woman.

If your  spouse  cheated  would  you want  to know  EVERY  SINGLE  DETAIL  marriedmysugardaddy.com

Personally, if my husband were to cheat on me the thought of meeting her seems like it would only further crush my spirit. I’d probably just end up obsessing over every last detail of her physical and emotional makeup, comparing it to my own. I’d probably end up falling short in the interim, because I think any of us can find flaws and often covet the features we don’t possess. I’d probably think– did he have an affair with this woman because her nose was straighter or her butt tighter? All the features that I felt insecure about would simply become magnified in these other women. And in the end I’d probably end up feeling such a sense of self loathing. And then there’s the whole not being able to take back the past, and so seeing these women would just be huge concrete reminders of my husbands’ transgressions, and the fact that our marriage would ultimately never be the same.


On the flip side, I empathize with my friend and I too might want to contact this woman to reprimand her and to tell them how worthless she is for engaging in an affair with a known married man who was also a father. I’d want to publicly humiliate her- I would not want her to silently fade away.  I’d want to pin a scarlet letter to her chest and make sure everyone knew she was a  partner with my husband in dismantling the union we once had. But clearly any woman who gets involved with a married man has issues of her own, and major character flaws and a conscience that allowed her to engage in an affair. So ultimately, would confronting this woman be worth my time and effort? And then of course these women did not act alone; an affair is a two way street.

I think when you are feeling so raw and wounded you want to lash out and punish everyone who has put you in this predicament, and has shattered the world you attempted to carve out for yourself. So I’m torn; on the one hand I might just want to call her and tell her to go to her doctor’s to get checked for genital warts. But on the other hand I think finding the closure and peace I needed would not come from her, it would ultimately come from within me.

Why would a woman want to hear the lurid details of her husband’s sexual encounters with another woman? What kind of closure could she possibly garner by finding out about this woman?

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