I want to be Amy Madigan when I grow up-with just a TINY BIT OF BOTOX- what about you?

Yours truly has never had a Botox injection, but it probably has more to do with my aversion to having someone stick a long pointy needle in my face than because I’m trying to make a statement about wanting to grow old and keep my wrinkles, frown lines, laugh lines and crows feet as badges of honor- testament to the years I’ve put in on this planet.

Of course now that I have the distinct honor of blogging for Smart Beauty Guide I have a new appreciation for the art of growing old gracefully. I’m learning that the right type of cosmetic surgery under the skill full hand of an experienced physician can yield subtle and quite natural looking results that can help us all stave off the aging process just a tad bit longer and yes dip our pinky toe into that oh so coveted fountain of youth.

However recently while sitting in a swanky NYC restaurant-surrounded by baby-faced, still wet-behind the ears twenty something girls-I realized I didn’t long to trade places with any of them, and trying to recapture and chase down that dewy, unspoiled¬† youth is kind of tragic. Not just because that fountain of youth is simply unattainable– and can have you looking like Shauna Sand if you’re not careful- but it’s a slippery slope that you’ll never reach the summit of.

I guess the reason why Hollywood actresses give birth to a baby- and one month later are red-carpet ready looking as though they were indeed never pregnant at all (oh yeah- it’s because they’re all breastfeeding so much- or running around–wink, wink!) or those actresses whose mouths have been pulled so tight you wonder how they ever manage to part their lips, is because their earning power and value is so heavily dependent on their physical appearance.

I want to be Amy Madigan when I grow up-with just a TINY BIT OF BOTOX- what about you?

And before I thought there were no last vestiges of real- women in Hollywood- I caught a glimpse of one of my all-time favorite actresses Amy Madigan- and all I could say was WOW! I’m not sure what her chronological age is- I’m guessing probably somewhere in her fifties, but this broad is keeping it real. Whether she’s playing a psychiatrist, on Grey’s Anatomy, or a middle-aged working -class Bostonian in Gone Baby Gone, she is simply riveting- because every last bit of her performance is steeped in reality down to her very real wrinkles and laugh lines. They’re hers- she’s earned them and when she speaks, you really believe her, because you can relate to her she’s really just like you.

I’d be lying just a little bit if I said I never look in the mirror and wince (ever so slightly ) when I see those two lines between my eyebrows embed themselves ever more permanently into my face and that I will NOT be dipping my pinky toe-at some point- into that Botox fountain of youth.¬† And then I think of those twenty something girls whose conversations which I casually eavesdropped on and how rife they were with so many what if’s and uncertainties about their relationships and their careers. And I think of Amy Madigan in all her I am woman glory and I feel hopeful that being in your early forties and aging (with perhaps just a bit of help from BOTOX) is exactly where and who I want to be.

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