I designed my Tiny Prints business cards (NOT MY HUSBAND)

I love my husband dearly and I know, more than anything when it comes down to it that he really does try to please me. So when he “surprised me” with 500 business cards I was happy…until I gave them a gander. To put it as delicately as possible, these cards were just all wrong- the design and tone of them not at all reflective of my personality, and more so a reflection of my his. I’ve mentioned more than once that my husband and I are opposite- I love color, splash and LOTS of pomp and well he doesn’t. (Did I also mention that he’s color blind and can’t really differentiate between red and brown?!)

My new TINY PRINTS business cards!

The cards he got me, simply didn’t showcase who I am, they were- to be blunt- boring and while I know he tried I didn’t even want to give them out-lest someone think I actually designed them.

So I thanked him and then hid them away (and when he wasn’t looking just recently threw the box in the fireplace). And then (as if the almighty herself were watching out for me) a wonderful woman named Jessica Rosenberg- who is also a bloggy goddess told me that Tiny Prints would offer me cards, if I wanted to review their business card service and being that I now have NO CARDS, as they were all burned in the fire- I figured I should check it out.

My new TINY PRINTS business cards!

All I can say is the Tiny prints team…well they are MAGNIFICENT (and NO not because they printed me up cards) but because I probably drove the designer a little batty with all my changes and comments.

The FLIP side of my business cards from TINY PRINTS

And yet she emailed me at least a dozen times to make sure the design was exactly what I wanted.. and THEY just arrived in the mail this morning and I am SO happy…I love them because they’re a reflection of me. And my husband, well he said, I can “use them” after I finish the ones he got me. I said, “great honey”… wink wink!


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    I Love Tiny Prints. I owe them a review too esp. since they sponsored my cards for Disney Social Media Moms. They are amazing! Cards look cute girl. Can't wait to see them and grab one. 😉

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