I could not function without Microsoft Office 2010 and since TIS THE SEASON I’m giving away two copies of it!

Congrats to our winners Adella and Kathleen!
As a writer the way Microsoft has revolutionized my world, well it’s impossible to articulate. I live and breathe its programs and even this very post is being drafted with it. Those folks at Microsoft have got life, and the running of it, down to a science and us the lucky public get to reap the benefits of these FREAKISHLY genius tech wizards.

So if you are like me and your life is always one complicated hot mess, more than ever this holiday season you will go GAGA for the The Office team’s “Top 10 Tips and Tricks” to help you relax and focus on your loved ones and the cherry on top– they’re full of festive ideas.

And here are 5 of the ones I CANNOT live without– and trust me you won’t be able to either!!

#1 Never lose another family recipe. Share your OneNote 2010 recipe notebook with family and friends, and collect other favorites using the Office Web Apps on SkyDrive.

#2 Avoid impulse purchases (IMPULSIVE IS MY MIDDLE NAME). Stay focused by accessing your budget spreadsheet on the go with Excel Mobile on your Windows Phone

#3 Image is everything. Use photo editing tools in Word 2010 to customize your own holiday newsletters, greeting cards or party invites using templates from Office.com.

#4 Don’t sweat your penmanship. Use Office 2010 to convert addresses into unique holiday mailing labels and mail newsletters, greeting cards or party invites in a snap.

#5 Show off the holidays. Put all your holiday photos in PowerPoint 2010 to create a collage of memories, and share with loved ones via the Broadcast Slide Show feature.

And since I ADORE Microsoft and all the ways it has exponentially improved my life the folks at Office are letting me giveaway TWO COPIES of Microsoft office 2010 to two lucky readers! (Each copy is valued at $199)
For a chance to snag a copy for yourself leave a comment here with ONE way technology has changed your life- FOR THE BETTER! For a second entry you can like Married My Sugar daddy on Facebook and for a third entry you can follow Madijack on twitter and retweet this giveaway!

Good Luck! Giveaway ends December 23rd at midnight EST!


  1. says

    Well besides the fact that my husband works in technology and it gives us our livelihood, I love to be able to communicate with people so much easier through facebook, twitter, skype, etc. My brother lives in China and thanks to Skype I can talk to him anytime we’re both awake at the same time.

  2. says

    Technology such as the internet has allowed me to socialize with so many people. I am not social by nature and tend to be introverted, so this is perfect for me.

  3. says

    Technology has changed my life for the better by giving me an outlet. I am a stay at home mom of three and my husband is in school for his PHD, so I do not get out much. The internet and social media is like my way to the outside world.
    Plus another reason is I am a west coaster who now lives on the east, so technology has changed me for the better by being able to keep in contact with my family by emailing pictures and video chatting.

  4. says

    Hi! I love the name of your site! That’s classic! lol Well, to answer your question technology has changed my life because it has given me a platform to discover my interests in a more in-depth fashion. I’m also an insane software junkie and know exactly how powerful MS Office can be…and is!

    Tweeted, Liked….:) Fingers’s crossed baby!

  5. Donna Clookey says

    Technology has changed my in so many great ways. I love staying in touch with friends through all the social networks. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  6. Beth Swanson says

    Technology has allowed me a flexible work schedule and the ability to work from home 80% of the time. Avoiding the commute is priceless!

  7. Dolores Adair says

    Technology has allowed me to find my niche in life, fixing computers. Not too many ladies are computer technicians, but from a young age, my father allowed me to work alongside him in his television repair shop. I developed a sincere love for fixing things and back in 2006, my husband worked really hard so that I could take classes and get my CompTia A+ Certification. Since I learned how to repair computers, my life has been enhanced greatly, allowing me the freedom to work for myself, doing something I love. The appreciation I get from my customers makes it all worth it. I love technology!

  8. Sue C. says

    Technology has helped my family (spread across the country) stay in touch so much more effectively than we used to with just phones, emails, and occasional letters – Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.

  9. says

    I love technology! It has helped me tremendously as a blogger/writer. I loved to scrapbook but lacked the hours needed, technology has made it so much easier.

  10. Suzanne Folwick says

    With the internet I now can keep in touch with friends more often, and even found some of my long lost friends. I love it!!

  11. Kathleen Marler says

    We live on Technology! My husband works in Maryland, we live in Florida – the kids skype him every night. My daughter is in 5th grade and it’s amazing how much she knows (and is teaching me!). We could really help further her knowledge if we had Microsoft Office. It would really put her ahead, we’d be able to use excel for her math, science and other school projects (graphing is so useful to help understand relationships between things). Microsoft word would be invaluable for the reports she has to write. The computer we got her last Christmas came with a 3-month trial – she was already writing stories (she loves to write) using Microsoft Word.

    Thank you!

  12. Lauren says

    Technology has allowed me save every photo ever taken on my hard drive and also connect with so many people with whom I might have lost touch with. Thank you Facebook!!

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