I am REALLY looking to the stars to help me rev up my sex life in 2012

I am not sure what I believe in anymore. I know I believe in a higher power of some sort, an energy that is hard to fathom and describe, but one that has some kind of grand master plan for this world of ours. Okay, at least I want to believe it. Oh and I send my kids to a religious school so, for their sakes I am trying hard to get on the same page as them- and as my husband says “Drink the Koolaide”.

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I’ve always believed in the power of psychics, mediums and people who say that they can see beyond what is physically tangible. I believe because I choose to and there are some things I’ve been told by Tarot card readers and mediums that has made it virtually impossible for me NOT to believe. However my husband, and I quote, says, “It’s fun but I wouldn’t put that much stock in it, and I certainly wouldn’t change my life over it,” to which I say, ” BOO!”

Of course, I let my husband believe in his dieties- which he says is “The Almighty Dollar” and when I had the opportunity to get a little insight from THE STARS regarding how my astrological sign Virgo can affect my sex life, well I figured, one can never have enough advice when it comes to sex…right?!

So I sat down with Astrologer JOANNA MARTINE WOOLFOLK author of the classic best-seller The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, and Sexual Astrology who just published – a 12-book Sun Sign Series, one book for each sign of the zodiac and asked her to give me the low down on how I can leverage my astrological sign to rev up my sex life in 2012.
Here are her thoughts:

First THE BASICS (which I READ to my husband) Astrology and Sex:

Astrology is all about you. The astrological sign you were born under tells about your character, individuality and distinctive style. It also speaks of drives and passions, and especially of your emotional needs. Often, it is through sex that you can most purely express those needs. Sex is a primal “acting out” that bypasses words, and within a strong and vital sexual relationship one feels safe enough to act out cravings and fantasies, and to give from a true heart. Sex is also fun, playful, creative – and your astrological sign can inform you about effective ways to make love. It describes techniques that will stimulate and arouse, and positions that are the most erotic for you.

Tips for Virgo: (that would be MOI!)
Virgo is the sign of passion kept under a tight rein – you have a refined, elegant, elusive sensuality. Basically, you need a lover you trust completely. Therefore, to improve the physical sex you and a lover share, you need first to foster the friendship you two share as a couple. When you know you have a soulmate and confidante to open up to on a communicative level, then sex between you is glorious. In bed, the secret to unleashing your own passions is to be the one intent on pleasing. In classical astrology, Virgo is the sign of “service,” and by playing the role of the sexual concubine, mistress or whore, you become so turned-on you can indeed lose yourself in ecstasy. Virgos also have a secret fondness for sex toys – you should definitely introduce these into your lovemaking. In the human body, Virgo rules the stomach, and for you this area is very responsive to erotic touching, kissing, and stroking.

So I just read this to my husband– EVER the NON Believer… and says,”Well you try to service me but…c’mon we both know you are not in the servicing business”.


  1. elissapr says

    Ok…I think I have the actual paperback of that book. And? No wonder we get along! I’m a Piscean – so you are my ‘flip’ sign (six months apart)!

  2. says

    I’m like you, I’m a believer in all things astrological and paranormal even. I’m a Libra and really know about my own sign. I’ve read several of Linda Goodman’s books as well. If you haven’t read it I think you’d like Love Signs. It matches every single sign with the other. Even does it by sex.

    I’m going to check out your links about Joanna M. Woolfolk.

    Thank you for this post.


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