How old is too old for a sugar daddy to have a baby?

Ahh it is the eternal question how old is too old for a man to have a baby…I mean Larry King – now in his eighties has got two young tykes with his seventh or is it eighth wife and he seems to be holding up pretty good, no?!

my old man and his son

I always thought I wanted lots of kids, tugging at my skirt, obviously I must have been delirious thinking I’d be wearing skirts… but really I just wanted to make sure that my kids would have each other to lean on- and take turns caring for their old mama who was running around the neighborhood in her bathrobe and living in a house filled with shelter dogs. Yes that will be me- I’m quite sure years from now.

My husband who just  turned the ripe old age of 54 this year– I know it’s even weirder typing this than it is saying it– and I his MUCH younger wife will be turning 39… and I wonder if he was younger would I still want to have more kids? Would he?

I know what his response would be, a resounding no and I know it’s because he’s afraid he won’t be around when the kids we already have get older. Sure the diapering and bottles would kind of suck– but I think he’s more worried about the future and being, perhaps in diapers himself, when our kid is a teen who needs an active dad to play catch ( still waiting to “see” him play catch with our seven year old) and teach him how to drive a car.

So as my eggs dry up, these are the thoughts racing around in my head, hoping my daughter and son won’t resent me for not pushing out a couple more kids.


  1. karla robey says


    I think sometimes kids resent having older parents especially when they are asked if they are with their grandparents when they attend school functions, etc. When to have children is a personal choice, but I think that men (and women) who have children so very late in life are not being fair to the children because more than likely they (the parents) won’t be around to see their children grow into adulthood, become parents and enjoy grandparents. Of course I know people who are older than me with very young children and they seem fine with it, I just wonder how their children will feel when they have to possibly make some tough life decisions about their parents (i.e., assisted living) in their early 20’s or 30’s….these are just my thoughts….

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