Goodbye to an old friend- a once run over no texting no INTERNET Flip Phone

Today is a bittersweet day we are bidding adieu to a trusty, practical friend who has been there, alongside my husband and I as we’ve journeyed on  the better part of our almost 15 years of mostly wedded bliss. It’s my husband’s 1998 Sprint Flip Phone that he’s been NOT ANSWERING well, since 1998. Yes my husband was NEVER one of those flashy, now that I’m a doctor I’m going to go out and get me a Smart Phone slap on my M.D. plates and text off into the sunset. No my guy , always the practical, sensible and eternally frugal man, when he bought his first “portable phone”  at the tender age of 40 years old he snagged himself a flip phone, with absolutely NO bells and whistles.

Goodbye to an old friend- a once run over no texting no INTERNET Flip Phone

Like his trusty old phone when I met him he was also the owner of a very sensible car. I’d already been out with a litany of egomaniacal surgeons who drove around in spectacular (yes I am a little superficial) sports cars and in comparison my husband’s very plain, sensible car was a bit of a refreshing change. I mean the fact that it had a back seat as opposed to just two seats- also had me believing that this guy was ready for the whole package… love marriage and a car seat.

Still old Sanyo Betsy has seen better days, as she is now in her 15th year of being used. Like our marriage she has seen her fair share of danger- she’s been lost and found by a nice elderly gentleman in Long Island City who when we retrieved  it invited us in for a cookie, it’s been RUN OVER by a car tire  and still kept ticking and while my husband is remiss to let her go, hell the fact that her screen is cracked and for some reason he NEVER hears when I call him and can’t text me and send me lil emojis like all other husbands do- well  I am more than ready to say goodbye.

It’s amazing to me how much of a reflection his phone said about my husband and still does. In so many ways he is so much like this 15-year old phone– solid and dependable and while it may not be the most glamorous or always the smoothest it will ultimately get you in touch with your wife who needs to remind you to get dog biscuits and pick up maxi pads. Of course now that he has a brand new iPhone I am expecting a NEW MAN to emerge, one who I will be able to reach via text ( I cannot express how excited I am about that BTW). He’s still not quite sure how to ANSWER the phone- but he’s making progress. BABY STEPS.


  1. says

    LOL. You crack me up. Don’t worry about the emoji’s. My husband hates texting. He loves to talk and I’m the total opposite. I rather just text away.

  2. karen medlin says

    I have never texted on a phone myself, the kids laugh at my old Nextel that we have had for about 10 yrs, has the walkie talkie on it. We have been thinking of upgrading and switching to a phone with a data plan. Think I will be just as lost has your husband for a few days when I do. Maybe I can become a little text geek.


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