Online dating: 5 tips to ACE your FIRST face-to-face date

You’re finally going to take that leap of faith and meet. After four weeks of e-mails, instant messages and more texts than you can count, you and your online beau (you’re still not comfortable technically referring to him as your boyfriend) have decided it’s time to take your online relationship to the next level and have a face-to-face meeting. In other words, a date that doesn’t include you dressed in your ratty sweatpants, hair tied in a bun sitting at your computer, typing your conversations and expressing your feelings through emoticons.

5 tips to ACE your FIRST face-to-face date

While you’re excited to finally make that face to face leap, you’re feeling a little anxious, too. Sure you’ve seen pictures of this guy, but there’s no telling whether they’ve been photo-shopped, were taken five years ago or if they’re really pics of his hot cousin Mike.

Well don’t panic just yet! relationship insider Whitney Casey offers a few tips and tricks to make your first face-to-face with your online babe as seamless as possible. Who knows, you may even have a good time!

Best places to plan a first date

According to Casey if you are a guy anywhere she feels comfortable. If you are a girl anywhere where you feel comfortable and people know you.

I love places that have games and things to do or see in them they make for great conversation starters, says Casey. First dates can be tough on the conversation side and when you go to places that are stiff and quiet it just makes it harder to keep the conversation going.

Places like put-put golf, pool, bingo, live music, shuffle board, video games, air hockey, and art museums are preferable. But don’t go places where you can’t talk at all like a movie, play or loud music place because that kind of defeats the purpose!

Best first date outfits

Casey advises having three pre-selected outfits always at the ready (get your friends to help pick the three): One dressy go-to dinner type outfit, one more casual dinner-date type outfit and one playful-action ready type outfit. But most importantly? Keep it simple.

Don’t try to express your personality in your clothes too much on the first date, says Casey. Let your personality do the talking not your clothes. Pick something that shows off the body part men love the most, the Décolletage . This is the area where your neck meets your shoulders  not your cleavage!

Too much too soon won’t leave them with anything to dream about whereas your Décolletage leads to something and guys love this!

Keeping your expectations in check

Expectations are just early disappointments, so do your best not to have them! You may not be attracted right away, notes Casey, but you may find that this person (especially if matched with your compatibilities and sensibilities online) may be someone you can really be attracted to because you have strong similarities in terms of your likes, dislikes, goals and hobbies

If it isn’t love you can always find camaraderie and who knows if they share your likes they may also have friends that you like wink wink! says Casey.

First date etiquette when it comes to getting physical

Too much too soon will always be a letdown. Some say wait 90 days for the cookie but I say you have to feel it out (not literally) based on what makes you comfortable.

Men always want the cookie so it isn’t like they are going to wait it out, they will dunk that Oreo right on the first date if given easy access to your cookie jar. So give it SOME time until it is right for you, says Casey. Just know this: Men almost always want the cookie right away. Put them on a diet, not starvation, rather somewhere between gluttony and guilt-free.

Keeping the conversation flowing

Be a cheater! Not a real one but make a cheat sheet of great conversation topics like what’s been your favorite meal ever where were you and why when you ate it? What did you do for your 16th birthday? What was your dream job growing up? What did you do for your 21st birthday? If you could go anywhere tomorrow where would you go? Or brush up on some current events before going out, notes Casey who suggests checking out the daily or the

Five must-do non-negotiables

According to Casey if you keep these five things in mind- whether or not the attraction is there- you’ll have a great face to face first date.

1. Feel confident in what you are wearing; pick a go to outfit that has been friend approved prior to your date.

2. Have a cheat sheet of questions or topics you can talk about.

3. Have a great place in mind that you feel comfortable going to or that has fun things to do to keep the conversation flowing.

4. Know and pre-determine your physical boundaries.

5. Meet your date at the location (never have him pick you up for the first, or even the second, date) and always tell someone who you are going out with and where you will be going for the first date.

Smile a lot, have fun and remember that even though he may not be The One, sitting at home isn’t going to find you your dream man.

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