Go to New Heights in your MARRIAGE with These FOUR Adventure Dates

It’s not that your conversations are short staccato sentences, filled with uncomfortable silences. But you are ready to peel back the superficial layers and show you just what makes her tick. But how do you get that done… short of engaging in a long-drawn out therapy session? Well, it could be as simple as switching up your usual movie and dinner date to one that will help you truly uncover what’s lurking behind your partner’s deep blue eyes.

Go to  New  Heights  in your MARRIAGE with  FOUR Adventure Dates

Try one of these 4 adventure dates designed to help couples bond and get to know each other on a deeper level!

Go on an adventure!

According to Pippa Lister,  president of  Synergy Matchmaking, doing different activities with a date creates a bond of trust in both parties and builds togetherness. By embarking on adventure dates, a couple can start building a collection of special things they have done as a team.

“Choosing an adventure date gets the couple involved and interacting together far more than just sitting in the dark observing a film,” says Pippa Lister. “A dinner date is a one dimensional black and white drawing because only so much excitement can be experienced over a meal. In contrast, an adventure date offers an exciting 3D kaleidoscope of rich glittering colors and information about your date!”

Lister recently flew to the Bahamas in a private plane where she was met by her date and taken onto his 102ft yacht. They got into full scuba diving gear and dove over 100 feet to swim with sharks!

She says the impact of an adventure date cannot be discounted: “When you’re with a date, sharing the beauty and excitement of the ocean and its tropical species of fish (including in some cases, sharks!) you bond by not being able to speak except through your eyes.” Lister also notes that adventure dates create a bond of trust early on in the relationship and you get to see the reaction your adventure provokes in your companion. “On an adventure date like scuba diving you use non-verbal cues to communicate and trust  your partner. It’s definitely an adventure you’ll always remember and talk about. ”

Four adventure dates worth diving into

Indoor Skydiving: Most locations resemble a silo, have a jet engine blowing upwards, a mesh trampoline floor, roof and padded walls and there are even some that don’t have walls. You and your date will get outfitted a flight suit (bagginess determined by your weight), helmet, goggles, earplugs. After a brief training session, you enter the vertical wind tunnel. Basically you jump out, like you are going to belly flop on the floor — instead you float upward! If keep your arms and legs in the right positions, you can float up 65 feet to the mesh ceiling. To get down, you tuck your arms and legs in and drop–you can stretch them back out and stop in mid-air, just a foot above the floor. Definitely an experience. For a list of World Wide Vertical Wind Tunnels & Indoor Skydiving Locations click here.

Performance Driving:  Hooked on Driving is a day-long experience where a couple can drive their own car (or rent one )  on a racetrack under the watchful eyes of experienced coaches. Essentially a road race circuit like Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois, brings a team of experienced driving coaches and produces a driving program where, with a coach in the passenger seat to start, couples  can learn to drive  a car with advanced skills.  All you need to participate is a helmet (rentals are available), and an inspection to be sure your car is roadworthy. If you and your date are looking for a speed thrill this is an adventure worth undertaking.

White water rafting: The  Magic Falls Rafting Company in West Forks, Maine offers a day trip white water rafting on the Kennebec River which includes a hearty BBQ.  Compared to a lot of other adventures, where someone always seems to “be in the lead” in white water rafting there are usually six to eight crew members per raft, everyone needs to work together and feels like an equal which is a good thing for beginner relationships.  Couples will experience exciting rapids culminating at the big rapid known as Magic Falls. and during  the last leg of the trip couples can choose to jump in and go swimming and watch wildlife. Back at base camp  they’ll be treated to a big BBQ  and an opportunity to view a video of the trip as well as a slide show of the rafts going through the rapids.

Kayaking: OEX Dive and Kayak Centers in La Jolla offer couples a chance to kayak at the La Jolla Ecological Preserve and Sea Cave, a marine life sanctuary which is home to  seven sea caves and the La Jolla sea lion and harbor seal colonies.  Since most kayak tours take place in a double kayak, a couple on a date will really get into synch during this activity which is also a great workout. But this adventure date is not only an opportunity to work together as a couple, it’s also an eco-friendly activity which provides participants with a wonderful day out on the water spotting dolphins, sea lions, harbor seals, a variety of different bird life and even see local fish life from the kayak, including Garibaldi and (harmless!) Leopard Sharks


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    All on my next Summer bucket list. I’ve been dying to try everything mentioned. I’m more of the dare devil but my husband won’t even go on a roller coaster with me! LOL I have until next summer to lean him into the idea 🙂

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